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So the parties involved are my wife, daughter, and myself. All using iMessage. I sent a message via iPhone iOS 5 to wife using an iPad iOS 5. My daughter using iPhone iOS 5, who is an innocent bystander, received my message but... It said it came from my wife. Also when my wife received the message it labeled it as if it came from herself.


We all have individual Apple IDs for iCloud. We share an Apple ID for iTunes. All devices verified that iCloud IDs are what they should be and IDs on messages are separate.


Confused!! Please help.

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    Ok so I think I fixed it. Basically under settings you have the iCloud, messages, and store. Under the iCloud and messages you need to have the same Apple ID. Under store you have the Apple ID that your family shares for purchases through iTunes.


    Now you need to make sure that in contacts all the email addresses match that persons email address used for the messages and iCloud. If not the name displayed when you receive a message will be the name of the person associated with that email.


    Confusing but now it all works.


    So in summary all things need to match in iCloud, messages, and contacts.


    Hope that helps.