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Why won't my iphone sync with itunes?

iPhone 4, Windows XP
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    Did you change your apple id?

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    I had the same problem which was solved once I unchecked "I-tunes Match" in settings/music which I am subcribed to. I unchecked it, synched and then checked it again.

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    perhaps you can help me, as well.

    very often when i sync my iphone5 with my macbook pro, itunes automatically crashes. then i get an error messaging saying "itunes unexpectedly quit, would you like to reopen? would you like to report to apple?".


    i've done both. FOR DAYS AFTER, my itunes "is not responding" (spinning red circle), i have to force quit itunes, which doesn't improve things when i turn off computer or even try to restart. itunes get's "stuck", spinning circle, "itunes not responding"


    it seems as though i should no longer try to sync my iphone5, which i consider ridiculous.

    is anyone else out there having this sort of specific problem? i've searched the discussions but have not found anything recent or helpful.




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    the latest-12/16/13

    went to apple genius today, for innumerable problems with itunes, including itunes crashing etc, particularly after trying to sync with iphone5.


    genius did a "diagnostic workup" today, after mumbling first something about maverick.


    runs diagnsotic and informs me... "there is a problem/something wrong with your computer harddrive" (2 errors arose on his diagnostic).

    his proposed solution: remove/delete current operating system, reinstall operating system (as though i were getting a new computer). then... i can "go home, connect to my time machine/time capsule, and re-install/back up everything from there".


    been through this before. this is what usually happens. genius sprinkles his fairy dust and removes old operating sytsem. i leave store, get home, my computer no longer see's my wifi (time machine) or sees it and won't connect. another phone call, with problems.

    itunes usually a blank slate.


    he was kind enough to give me "a simple link" as to how to do it all myself, at home:

    OS X Lion: Recover your entire system


    (notice the link says lion- though i have maverick, which has completely messed up my computer, i think).


    i told him that i was very wary of doing this all on my own at home, because i inevitably lose EVERYTHING (every song, EVERYTHING from itunes). plus, if  my time capsule has been backing up a default in the system, won't it just re-download. "i don't BELIEVE so" was his reply.


    i requested he not un-install and re-intall. i told him that withoug a true apple genius/IT person at my house, this smelled of havoc. loss of internet access (kids can't do homework), itunes lost forever. i said i would try to struggle through the problems till my harddrive actually crashed and i had no other choice than to bring in my macbook, disconnet my time machine/time capsule (ultimately leading to the loss of internet access in my house... armageddon).

    he made a log of it.


    got home... itunes even worse. not only do i now get a prompt asking if i want an itunes tutorial, and i have to login (not just give my password, but actually log in with myaccount and password).


    simple question: a while back the geniuses informed me it is against apple law/rules for them to help someone at their home. they told me there were "apple consultants" online, approved by apple, that i could call.


    i find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that we can't find a former "apple genius" consultant to come to a home and get everything re-operating as close to capacity. does ANYONE have a link for this? i'm at the end of my rope. it shouldn't have to be this complicated, ESPECIALLY with apple, who i have loved and been a devoted fan of for YEARS.

    help. please.