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So as everyone is now aware, Apple decided to switch iPhone users to having the Music and Videos apps instead of the single iPod app. However, there no longer seems to be a proper treatment for video podcasts, and I'm unsure what it will do with mixed content (some podcasts contain a mixture of video and audio episodes).


So what this means for me is that some of my video podcasts are a bit messed up. That is, before I used to be able to see their information text in portrait mode, and jump back 30 seconds using the button available to podcasts - really useful when watching podcasts while commuting. Now I don't seem to be able to do either, nor can I view videos in portrait mode. The main gripe is not being able to see the info text. On some podcasts such as the TED podcast, having a bit of background information used to be really useful, but now there doesn't seem to be a way of accessing it. Boo...


Does anyone know if there is a way round this, or is it gone for good now? Any chance Apple might add this feature back in?

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    I agree! Although I wish that my video podcasts were in the same place as the audio podcasts, the worst is that they do not play in portrait mode, since I have my iphone docked all day and need to crane my neck to watch in landscape.