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So my mom is sending me iMessages and some of the messages are making it to my iMessage on my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4, but recently several have gone to my email instead. I have my iPhone and my iPad associated with the same email so I receive them on both. She has a Verizon iPhone 4.


Again iMessages from others are always going through but for some reason a few of the messages from her Verizon iPhone 4 are going straight to my email and not into the iMessage app. Any ideas. I made sure the caller ID says my email address for both devices.

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    I am having this same problem my wife's iMessages keep going to my email.

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    I seem to be having the same problem too.


    I want to send a iMessage to my friend but it won't let me send it to her iPhone number, it only let's me send an imessage to her email address and a normal text to her phone number. But why???? 

    If she replies back to my text It comes back as a iMessage and a totally separate conversation. Is there some reason for this or do I need to change something????

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    Exactly the same here.  When i send a meessage to my friend its goes as a text but when he replys its via imessage.  I can imessage him but it has to go to his email address.  If he replys to that it it comes up as a separate message. 


    What the **** is going on.  He has both the imessage and tests in the same window.  Will Apple please reply or at least tell us what the **** is going on.  Any help form you guys out there would be greatly appreciated.  Oh and if i send via my ipad to him it also appears as a separate window. 


    What happened to the seamless conversations that could be continued on separate devices then.

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    I have been experiencing the same thing.


    I have a group iMessage with 8 total participants, and so far I have received emails instead of an iMessage from 3 of the participants.  Those that do receive emails instead of an iMessage are using their Apple ID email as a "Caller ID" for iMessaging.  Those that use their iPhone number as "Caller ID" just never see a message come through.


    This issue has gone on for the past 2-3 days, and the one constant that I have noticed is that the 3 participants, where the issue is occuring, happen to be Verizon Wireless subscribers.  The remaining 5 of the group iMessage thread are AT&T users and have not sent any emails instead of iMessages.


    Has anyone seen anything regarding this issue?

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    Same problem here. Even within one conversation some iMessages get send to email instead of as a text message (if for instance the other user wouldn't be connected). If this isn't fixed I need to disable iMessage as it becomes unreliable if the other gets the message...


    Isn't it possible to force iOS not to use email? even just at the reveiver's end?


    Would be great if anyone has any ideas.

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    You guys should watch this



    Youtube changing your imessage name / caller id

    His name is macmixing

    He's awesome