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I have a lot of songs but I want to manage my music by creating playlists on the go, so I purchased an iPod Touch and Stuffed in all my music to iTunes to sync to my iPod Touch. Done.


Just found out that you can NOT add the currently playing song to a playlist, new or existing. The easiest way to add the currently playing song, to a new or old playlist is to (This will be long), first, memories at least a few keywords of that currently playing song e.g. title, artist, or album, and then go to Playlist tab, select the playlist or add a playlist..., click on Edit, click on add song, search the song and add to Playlist, Click Done. Not easy.


I find this very time consuming. I expected to see iPod Touch have this as a very very basic feature.


My question: Is there a Product Enhancement Request already submitted about this? I had my iPod Touch with iOS 4 when I purchased it. Now I have iOS 5, no fix to this issue still.


It would be really really appeciated if Apple's Product Management Team could give us a heads up if this feature will ever be available.




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iPod touch, iOS 5, Add "Now Playing" song to Playlist