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betsyritz Level 1 (0 points)

I've maxed the volume in the settings and on the phone volume controls. Still I can barely hear the other person on the phone call.

iPhone 4
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    On another forum, the person recommended making sure that the plastic cover on the front wasn't blocking the speaker. The plastic that comes on the iPhone 4s usually covers up the ear speaker.

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    I do not have the plastic on the phone and the volume  is so low.  I have tried a hard reset, reinstalled software and it is still low.    Verizon sent me another phone and I have  not opened it yet.  But I am very unhappy.  I really like the phone, coming from a blackberry there is a learning curve, but all I keep doing is say WHAT?    I cannot hear the other person. 


    What are we to do?   Return the phone.  I don't want to open the new phone and have the same problem.  Does apple have a software update that would solve this problem?   Otherwise I cannot live with this phone. 

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    There is a new software update coming! Don't return the phone! The update is supposed to fix all problems!