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Hello all.


Under the Notifications settings, inside Messages.  There is a setting - Repeat Alert, where you can set your message alert to repeat more than once, at regular intervals.


I set it to 3 times, sometimes 5.


This morning a new sms came in, I "ignore" the phone and did not respond, do or touch the phone at any way.  I remember clearly, the sms alert tone only alerted the very first time, subsequently, NO repeat alert.


And I think I remember, this didn't just occur to my current iPhone iOS, I think the last iOS4, it was the same for my phone too, did not remember any repeated alerts.


Wonder if anyone else have this experience.  To me it's slightly "disturbing and annoying" the repeat doesn't work, but it's OK 'cause I still have the Badge notification, and if I am really "afraid" of missing the text message, I would just revert to the old Alert Notification, of popping up in the middle of the screen.


Thanks and cheers.

iMac 27", Mac OS X (10.7), iPhone 4 32Gb | iPad 2 64Gb 3G WiFi
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    Thanks! I've been looking for that setting, they moved it since iOS 4. Anyway, it's working for me which is why I just turned it off.

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    Updated to version 5.0.1 and since then having the same problem. Contacted Apple and told me to go to notifications and update there. Already set to repeat once. It is not working. Text sounds once when the initial text is received. Tested it many times in different ways and it does not repeat. Hoping a fix is in the works.

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    Has this ever been resolved? Doesn't work for me too.

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    I have had this problem. I resolved by closing down all background apps. This rectified for me. Assume some other background app was causing notification issues.

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    I am having problems with this as well, and literally just got a new iphone.  I've closed all the background apps and have reset the phone but it still does not work.  Anyone else having issues?  Any fixes?