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I have the Kindle app on my macBook Pro and would love to listen to my books. Is there anyway I can do this without the use of the Kindle device?

I tried using iTunes but it seems that the books are not stored on the macBook itself.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5
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    If you don't mind a rendition of Hamlet from Steven Hawkings, you can make any text that you're able to highlight on your mac be read back to you while hitting control space after turning on the feature in system preferences>speech>select text when the key is pressed.


    Screen Shot 2011-10-22 at 5.04.39 AM.png

    Here you are also able to change the voice under "system voice". There are other English speaking voices you can install that are either novelty, male, female and or accents. Others are based on other languages.


    Not sure if the kindle app has text you can highlight but I'm sure it will work if it does.

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    Thank you for that. It seems to work everywhere else but not on the Kindle app