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Wifi won't reconnect after sleep with my new 13" Macbook Air.  Here are the symptoms that I observed:


1. If there is only one preferred wifi assess point then the machine works flawlessly, I can close and reopen the lid and the wifi is always reconnected without any issue.   If there are two or more (home, work, and starbucks etc) preferred access points in the system then it will detect the correct wifi access point but won't reconnect automatically.  Reconnect manually also seems to work fine.


2. This issue only happens to the new Macbook Air that I just purchased, another Macbook Air (same model) that I purchased a month ago did not have this issue at all.


Thanks in advance for all your help on this.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hi imingp,


    Having the same problem with one of my MacBook Airs, both of them running 10.7.2. I called into AppleCare about the issue (several of the machines I support are experiencing the same issue) and they said that they had received several reports about machines (running Lion) doing the same thing. They gave me the impression that they were aware of the issue and working on a resolution. Unfortunately they weren't able to offer me a permanent fix on the issue.

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    I am having a similar issue on both mine, and my wife's macbook Air that we bought last month. They are both the same model (i5, 256ssd), and were brand new with Lion preinstalled on them. Both have Lion 10.7.2 installed. However, on both of our macbook airs, we have only one preferred wifi access point, and always have done. Both macbook air's have only been used at home, using the same wireless network.


    After waking up from sleep, I notice the mac is disconnected from the acces point, and I am forced to reconnect manually. For some time after waking up, my preferred network isnt even visible. It can take a few minutes for it to show, before I am able to select it. Also, after booting up, the same thing happens. Lion doesn't seem to be able to auto connect to a wifi network. Once wifi is connected manually, it stays connected, and works fine.


    I have never had any problems previously with other windows pc's or older mac's. we also have an old ibook g4 which automatically connects to the wifi network flawlessly every time, when booting up, from sleep etc etc etc...


    Hope Apple can get this sorted soon.

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    I'm still having the same problem as described, but only since a couple of days.


    I'm trying to remember what I've changed then.... it only occurs to me that I was on travel and connection to a NEW WLAN where I then had the problems that it wouldn't reconnect all the time. And now that I'm back home the same problem occurs to my home WLAN which worked absolutely fine the weeks before (since I have the new MB Air).

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    My new Macbook Pro is doing this as well.  After sleep or standby you must manually reconnect to the preffered network.  All other 6 macs we have work fine.  Only this new one has the problem.  By new I mean, less than 30 days from Apple.com directly. i5 - 8GB Ram (powerfull)

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    I have the same problem. My brand new MacBook Air 11inch will connect to my work wifi without prompting, but the home one is not recognised automatically and I have to manually connect. I've had the Genius Bar dudes reset the settings, but that didn't work. I've reset a few things myself and at least managed to get the wifi window to come up immediately after sleep, but I still have to connect manually.


    My older MacBook 17inch does not do this, nor do any of the other Macs in the house. Any suggestions Apple?

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    I am having the same issue with my 27" iMac and I am NOT using the wireless.  I have mine plugged directly into my Airport Extreme via an ethernet cable.  This did not seem to happen before I upgraded my OS to Lion.  Any ideas?  I am tired of restarting my computer after it goes to sleep.

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    !3" new Mac Air, same issue.  I also have problems with my applications not opening on their assigned desktops. I don't have this latter issue with my iMac desktop.

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    i have the same wifi problem.

    i usually shut down my mac at the end of the day, i don't leave it in sleep mode.

    when i turn it on i see the window with a list of available wifi networks, however mine doesn't show up there.

    i take my iphone and i see this wifi, on the other windows laptop it's there as well.

    after a few minutes, not 1-2, but something like 10 it finally shows up in the list and i manually click on it to connect, even when i have it saved as preferred network...

    happens absolutely every day, so annoying.

    i'm on macbook air 13 and Lion 10.7.3

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    I have exact same problem on new mac air, now 3 wks old.

    Wakes from Sleep & wont always 'auto connect' to preferred networks -

    I have tried lots to self fix and resolve but for me - I found switching off Bluetooth; now it seems to auto connect (has not failed in last 2 days).

    I do feel its a Lion problem, as my mac is fresh out the box - nothing installed & problem has been since day 1.


    Anyways, welcome other to confirm if this works.


    (Ps, I note the suggestion earlier in thread about only having 'one' prefered network - I have 2; so will test this if it fails again with BT off)


    Thoughts welcome,


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    I am having the exact same issue on my mid-2011 Macbook Air as well as a mid-2010 MacBook Air.


    The MBA doesn't always connect to Wifi when turning on or when waking up from sleep. They do see my network most of the time (i.e. it's in the list of the networks that have been found) but won't connect. When turning Wifi off and then on again the MBA connects to the network.


    This problem occurs on hidden networks, protected networks, and unprotected networks i.e. every Wifi access point I have used so far.


    Since there is no real workaround so far I have created an Apple Script (with the help of the Internet) that turns Wifi off and the on again. You can add the this Apple Script to your login items (System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items) and it will run on startup.


    Apple Script link: http://cl.ly/Fyd5

    You can open the Apple Script in the Apple Script Editor by dragging & dropping the file on to Apple Script Editor on your Mac if you want to see what the script contains.


    Unfortunately I don't know if you can run it when you wake your Mac up from sleep so the next best thing that I do when my MBA doesn't connect is to use Spotlight (CMD + Space) and type in the first few letters of the Apple Scripts file name and then hit enter which will then activate the Apple Script.

    For example, the file name is "Toggle wifi". On my Mac in Spotlight I just neet to type "tog" (first three letters of file name) and hit enter. Wait a sec and then you are connected to your network again!


    I hope this helps someone. Please let me know if it does or doesn't.

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    things tried since my last post:

    - i've deleted all the saved networks

    - upgraded wi-fi router's firmware

    - changed ssid

    nothing of these helped. still was losing the network every day until i changed the settings of my router to use the static channel, i set it to number 6 (it was set to automatically switch wi-fi channels). now it's the third day i'm not seeing that annoying issue. i really hope that it won't appear again, i don't have more nerve cells for spoiling )))


    i hope this helps someone as well.

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    Okay I update my original Apple script to something much simpler and easier. It will now check if you are connected to a network, then it will toggle Wifi. (The original one simply toggled Wifi, even if you were connected)


    Just create an AppleScript and save as an application with this or download here:


    set wf to do shell script "ifconfig en0 | grep -q \"status: active\"; echo $?"



    if wf contains "1" then

              do shell script "networksetup -setairportpower en0 off"

              do shell script "networksetup -setairportpower en0 on"

    end if