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  • casshoming Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same sort of problem.  Just got my first iPhone today and can't do ANYTHING useful because of this Apple ID verification issue.  I have been able to log in, enter all of my billing and shipping details (including my credit card!!!), and have even signed into iTunes once.


    Now when I try to log in it says my email is not verified.  I click the link from the email, enter my ID and password, and get another error message saying my email address is already in use!?  WFT?!?  It is in use, by me, who just set it up?!  It just keeps circling around, I try to log into the apps store, or iTunes and I'm not verified, try to verify and I can't verify because account is already in use.


    APPLE!!!!  WHAT'S GOING ON???????

  • Mac Fanatic Level 1 Level 1

    but you do have the email address.... so why not use that instead of the "soon to be defunct" hotmail address?

  • johnfromblairgowrie Level 1 Level 1

    SOLUTION !!!

    It's an apple problem. At the verification page, when asked for your user id enter your email, not your user id. Many pages in Apple interchange the phrase user id with user email address !!!!

  • G. Douglas Eddy1 Level 1 Level 1

    It looks like there are several different problems being discussed here, which points to a major problem for Apple's App Store. Shhhh I didn't say that LOL


    My problem is that I am not able to update many (an increasing number!) of the apps purchased on my MBP yet have no such limitations with my MBAir! The MBP shows no updates but when I click on Purchased it shows many of the apps list UPDATE. If I click on the UPDAT I am told "You have updates available for other accounts. To update this application, sign in to the account you used to purchase it."


    But I am using the computer from which I made the original purchase!!!  I have done the logins, the verify ID at MyAppleID, everything. Both computers show the exact same apple id.


    This is an Apple problem and so far I have not found anything being done to address it. Of course if I could communicate with a living Apple person to address THEIR problem, that might help



  • Gendo_Rokoubungi Level 1 Level 1

    it began with me trying to change my apple ID email address. I cant get my Apple ID to verify i called into tech support i was geting an error like your apple ID is no longer associated with your email address after i called and sent an email when i click on the verify it now says that cant be done at this time, i hopping that there working on it becouse this really messed me up.

  • Thomas Mcgettigan Level 1 Level 1

    Had same issue over the holidays.  My iPhone showed that I needed to update a couple apps, when I typed in my passwork, I got the error message. (Password does not match)


    NOTE: MY apple id (which I have had since before itunes) was just an id, not an email address.  After an hour on the phone with TECH SUPPORT, at apple, I figured out what they did, and am guessing why.  (iCloud)


    They added to my old user ID.  Now I wasted several hours trying to reset my password, worry about my creditcard on file, etc....  Why in the world would they not at least send an email that they were doing this.....


    Now the TECH guy had no idea what happened, I figured it out by having them search by my email address.  Which is my APPLE ID with and  (Both created by apple when they lauched .mac and then  Once he did that, he kept bringing up my two itunes accounts  **** and ****  I questioned many time about the latter as I have never had an email.

    That got me thinking, and I switched my apple id on my phone with my old password, and bingo everything started to update.


    I know I am ******** but I am ******, I going to call them again on monday (#%$^#)


    Anyhow try adding the to your id, assuming you had a @me account.

  • QRSAlpha Level 1 Level 1

    This is causing all sorts of problems for everyone. Can we just not merge all the AppleIDs?! My story:


    I had a .gmail address that was my Apple ID before all this Mac/MobileMe/iCloud jazz. Finally got a .Mac account and corresponding .mac email address right before the MobileMe switch. At that point, I decided to stop using my .gmail address as my Apple ID, and solely use the .mac address for Apple stuff. No problems up until now.


    My mom and brother both have iPhones, and sent me requests on Find My Friends to my .mac address. I confirm, and accept, no problems. My father sends me a request to my .gmail address. Not seeing it was to my Gmail (pooled inboxes in iPhone mail), I attempt to accept. Of course, this causes all sorts of error messages and mess. . . .


    Fast forward to today, I have made all information on both my .gmail Apple ID and .mac Apple ID identical, including passwords and physical addresses. The ONLY excpetion is the actual Apple ID (.gmail or .mac).


    My father sends me another request to my .mac account. I click on the email link to view the invite in Find My Friends, and NOTHING is there! So, I attempt to invite him IN the application, and it says my password and information is not verified. . .


    I click on the prompt in Find My Friends to verify my info, log into the Apple ID management page (under the .mac address, because that's where the app took me), and see that my .mac address is not verified (um, ok?). This gets better!!!


    I click on "verify" under the MAC Apple ID account, and guess where the verification email goes??? GMAIL!!!!


    The email says that "you've entered as the contact email. . ." Um, no, I didn't.


    Just for kicks, I click on the "verify now" link in the email, sent to my .gmail address, from my .mac Apple ID, and it says. . .


    TA DA! "Your request could not be completed, this email address is already verified for another Apple ID."


    Seriously. I don't even.

  • G. Douglas Eddy1 Level 1 Level 1

    I have finally concluded the only solution I have is to not use the app store. It is a mess anyway but it had some convenience to it but this is frustrating and would be expensive if I were to try to purchase the same old programs onto my MBP. What is to say it won't happen all over again? That was the computer of origin for the programs I am now locked out of updating!


    What is really frustrating is the deathly silence of Apple on this issue. And there seems to be no real, live, breathing person with whom we can communicate.


    So, count me out of the app store, which will hurt me in the long run.


    Steve, where ARE you??? Your company needs you!

  • Gla55fish Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having a similar problem with find friends, it's saying I need to validate my email address. I go to the apple ID page and it gives me the option to make my apple ID (an @me account) my primary contact email address. I click the confirm button and save. But it does nothing or says the email address is linked to another ID.

    No it's not, it's linked to my apple ID.

    I use my apple ID to make purchases.

    I use the email address which is the same as the ID.

    How am I supposed to make this work?

  • migchiel Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here using a gmail as apple id

    i can fil in anything and that workes  title name adress phone number etc


    i do not have a creditcard and im not willing to get one for this

    in the nethterland it is not possibel to get one with my salaris


    So i made a clickandbuy account, deposited 30 euro to it

    that took a view days to verifiy account etc 


    after that tried to buy the mac os x10.7 in app store

    aplli id psword ok

    getting the this account has not been ,.... etc correct 

    so click  to add the clickandbuy option

    got redirected to the click and buy site

    fil in al the details there

    worked ok 

    an got redirect back to app store

    but no acces there  ???

    no acces to downlaod or anything

    i clicked the buy lion again telling me i had to login apple id again ?

    stating after loggin  this account has not been........ grrrr running in circles here


    i stopped because i already had a working collect easy ttunes store active

    license there

    i must have send 3 or 4 different times sofare the same action to c&b

    but since i laread y have a working licens for itune it soes noet get listed over en over agian


    So the isseu is not with click and buy


    But with redirecting back to itunes or app store

    tried both using google chrome and safarie as standard browser ??


    i see  here same issie but is ther a solution


    i tried mailing the assistance  Eu mac store they replied only with standard stuff sofare ??



    question ?


    Would a itunes windows version  log in to  apple id  ?

    to get the account working with  the payment methode ?

    i bet it is not redirecting correctly to app store only to itunes music store ??


    but that's ok

    Once my account has a payment methode  even if that is fixed with wndows

    i can then log in to  apple id and app store on my mac ???

    with correct payment methode

    or does i tunes musicstore/ appstore register my windows pcname and mac adres to the

    apple account. blocking the mac ???

    or could i even download the mac os x lion to windows ?

    so i can put it on a stick and transfer it to the mac ???


    Anyone tried this ?

  • G. Douglas Eddy1 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I finally received a solution. A very helpful person at the Apple macappstore responded to a request from me. She was great. We have still not totally solved the problem, as in figured out what the technical problem is, but I have a workaround.


    Just to review: I have my apps on 2 Macbooks. The one from which I originally placed the orde suddenly decided that some of the apps were charged to a different account, which was not correct. So I had about 12 of my apps, several very important to me, several others FREE apps that would only upgrade on my MacBook Air, not my MacBook Pro, from which they were originally bought! Nothing would work to correct that. They never showed up in the update screen but showed up in the Purchased screen with the Update button alive. Clicking on that button gave me the error message.


    The workaround was simple but still a pain. I checked first through iTunes that these apps were on my list of purchased items, and they were. So, I deleted one of them, reopened the Appstore, clicked on Purchased, saw the item that originally said Upgrade but would give me the error message when I tried to do that, now said Install. I did so and the latest item arrived clean and updated.


    I am really grateful to the Appstore rep who helped me out. They are going to continue to investigate the problem but for now I am ready to purchase more apps with confidence that I will at least have a way to update them.


    Wish you all the best in your quest!

  • migchiel Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunatly it seem even click and buy does not work ?

    I have noticed a lot of changes with the option to pay on all the help pages?

    one time there was paypal of even the none option ? 

    so you could at least get app from the store that where free ?

    now there are only payment option i cannot use


    Had a final email from mac appsstore Eu   stating only a creditcard would work

    not click and buy.


    I would say this is very annoying and very suprising


    i would think a western country like the Netherland

    would have acces to apple store ? 

    creditcard are not very common here

    specially not for  average consumers


    It seems im stuck to giftcard ?

    I would be very mad if these do not work either.


    Trying to buy mac os 10.7 online is a major bummer

    if youre not rich enough to get a creditcard

    I wil not get one because in fact this is the same as lending money at very high interest rate

    and i do feel at risk overspending.

    so i have to protect myself againt that

    Aplle seem to me only to serve customer with a lot of  money ore  credit value


    i also hate the fact that to buy mac os lion you need a itunes account ??

    Sure i do not have to buy annything offcourse


    But  why not sell in on dvd ? btw snow leopard was also hard to get

    finally found a legal version second hand

    the mac stores  in my town didn't have then ?????

    in stock 

    and i hate waiting

    Specially when you visit  the only place where you can expect it to be there ! 

    sorry but if have never been so at a loss at buying things online

    and the only reason i wanted to get os x 10.7 legal

    i know, in fact, it is easier  to get it illegal  then to get in legal ??

    that is my major suprise and frustrating experience ?


    Someone told me you could get  os x 10.7 legally on a usb stick at the  regular mac store

    but this still means you do not have a backup online and no proof op purchase in a account on app store ?

    where is my proof of legally owning the software then ? the bill ?? on paper ??? only ??

    it seems a amateuristic attempt of a software company to draw customer into a net where the end is if you don not have a creditcard youre not welcome



    Aplle make me feel like a pygmee trying to get into the Hilton hotel for a room and a bath.


    sorry i sound so mad  but this is very frustrating!

  • jayrab26 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem. It's really annoying!!! I've been trying to set up iCloud and of course, even though my Apple ID is verified already, I have to verify it again to get iCloud running. The funny thing is, my Apple ID is with an email account that doesn't even exist. When I try to log into the email, it says the account doesn't exist. So then I try to create an email with the same name as my Apple ID, but then it says the email address is already taken. Then, I tried logging into an old ID with the same information I used to use but the password was "wrong". I sent a "forgot password" to my email of that account, but of course, I get no email. So then I went and created a whole new email for my ID, to which I never received an email about verification. You'd think that with how "cutting edge" and "ahead of the times" Apple is, they'd get around to solving this annoying issue. Obviously they don't read their own forums or listen to the people that call in about this every day.

  • sfraja1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting so frustrated, weeks ago I tried to get my dad and Apple ID so he could download apps on his iPhone but the verification email just would not come through, I thought it was an issue with the email so I tried again today with a new email and the verification email just won't come through, it's so frustrating as I've had password reset emails from Apple delivered no problem but the verification emails just won't come. It's been weeks and they hadn't even arrived to the other accounts, what now?! ARGH!

  • Margtoo Level 1 Level 1

    I am also going spare. My password no longer works, I seem to have forgotten my birth date (say what?) and the reset email option never arrives. Please, I'd like my beautiful investment to work properly again please Apple.