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  • Azzy01 Level 1 (0 points)

    i too am having the same problem i tried literally  tens of times over a 3 day period but never recived the verification email ( through yahoo). So i made a gmail account but itunes wont let me review the account info so i can't use it.

    Now i have no apple id and apparently i cant make one what should i do ???

  • Leejenru Level 1 (0 points)


    I've the same problem. Two new devices.

    Does Apple notify anyone somehow when there is a Fork up?

    Surely this many issues with this MUST ring some kind of alarm bell with Apple?

    I've also tried multiple accounts, all of which arrive at the same error.

    Convoluted proceedures and false positives = Crap.

    I give it a few more days and i'm taking them both back for a refund.

    Fork you Apple.

  • mynameisplayer Level 1 (0 points)

    Me too, to quote the broken record here.  HELP

  • crtexas Level 1 (0 points)

    I just saw all of the responses on here (but didn't read them all) and I called support, they had a specialist call me back and they deleted one of my accounts that was active and causing the confusion. They were very helpful and I haven't had an issue since! I know calling is a pain but it worked, hope this helps.

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    Since this has been viewed over 6200 times I would say apple should read it!   We are all having the same issues!! 

    I have now spent many hours on this APPLE ID issue and still no luck from apple.   I paid for an Apple ID for 10 Years with my .mac account which did not have the  email address format.   So now I bought an IPAD and had to convert to the email address format - OK no problem except all the APPS and Music purchased under my original ID ar NO LONGER linked to my  address.   Where did they go?  I have 3 other macs trying to sync and now nothing works!    Come on APPLE - Read your own posts and help us.   I did not change my account,  you did.   I am a loyal 30 year apple fan and this is the most PC thing you have ever done.  The apple Experts at the store are telling me I have to pay for tech support help to fix your server issues - - Come on!!!  That would not work anyway - - Just read all the people who have tried at this link and you will see that many people have this issue and the tech support does not know how to fix it.  


    I don't want an  or a account - you gave them to me and I guess I can ignore them but HOW do I get logged into my ORIGINAL APPLE ID to get my stuff linked properly to the address???  It never sends an email, and it says I don't know my own birthday.  For some odd reason I think you have an issue which is causing me great pain.   But thanks for the free extension of MobileMe to June 2012.  Unfortunately I can't get to my stuff!!!!



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    Thanks for that. I ended up recreating my ID exactly the same and simply surrendered to possibility I'd have to buy again if there was an update. At the time it was better for my blood pressure. :)

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    I don't know if this is any additions to it..but the same error finally happened to me just this morning I was trying to log into the store and it popped up a 'sign in for automatic downloads' I did with my id and pass nothing nada zilch

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    Ive had to reset my password 5 times.. i can log into the apple website with my Apple ID and Password fine, but when i try to update my apps, no cigar. Its really getting on my nerves and then i find out i have to PAY to have apple help me fix their problem. As if i havnt put enough money into their company already. Come on Apple. Sort it out.

  • Danielle110489 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just clicked into "manage account" for apple id and i just looked everything over and clicked save changes... its working fine now. I don't know if this will work for anyone else. But if you're having the same problem i did... this might help... hope it does

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    Ahhhggggrrr....I'm so mad with Apple now. I'm sure they screwed many people up.

    I tried evething I could and ended up recreating my Apple ID exactly how it was before. I lost everything...where are my purchasing I've done all these years ?????

    And now I need to pay for support ???? *** ????

    F..k it...I hate when this we look idiots ???


    Can't believe...this is ridiculous.

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    Thanks! really helpful. No wonder it kept saying I had the incorrect birth date (really?) it was simply because I did not included the full email address... thanks again

    I love Apple for the 20+ year I have been using it, but sometimes they can get a little tricky. Also when I was reseting my password, I tried to use my 'usual' passwords, and it remembers that I used them in the past! aggghh! , oh well, problem solve, *happy dance*

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    I have recently bought an iPad 2 and signed in to iTunes and FaceTime etc with my original hotmail apple id. However I decided to switch to my googlemail account because I am planning on closing my hotmail account soon but when it came to the stage where apple should have sent my googlemail a message to verify the change I never got it. For some reason the app store allows me to log in (even though according to the apple website it still hasn't been verified) but imessenger and FaceTime pop up with an error message saying an error occured while trying to verify the email address. I keep checking my junk mail but I have tried numerous times to verify my account but I never get a message. Any help?? I can't even change it back to my hotmail address so for now I can't use messenger FaceTime or iCloud

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    I'm having a similar problem to the OP.  Here are my own observations:


    - I log into the Apple Support Communities site but I'm redirected to a support page saying I need to check my Apple ID

    - I log into the Apple ID management page and see options to verify my email address and to combine my email address and Apple ID

    - When I try to verify my email address, I never receive any verification email from Apple

    - I go through the UI to combine my email address and Apple ID which gives me a "Verified" confirmation message

    - I go back to the Apple Support Communities site and I'm able to login successfully

    - A few days/weeks later when I try to login again, I have to start over again


    But I haven't had any problem with downloading, updating, or transferring apps between any devices.  I haven't had any problems logging into the App Store either via my devices or within iTunes.  It only seems to happen with the Apple Support Communities site.

  • Nancy Chamblin Level 1 (5 points)

    I had reset my Apple ID password on my IPad but it wouldn't work on my IPhone.  After weeks of agrevation I went to MobleMe (on my computer) and tried to log on. When it wouldn't I selected 'forgot passwor' and opted to 'change password'. I put in the password that worked on the IPad.  Once it accepted that I signed in to MobleMe where I discovered I had never moved my account (on the computer) to the cloud.  Once it was moved my Apple ID password worked on all devices!  Hope this helps.

  • Ken2G5 Level 4 (1,330 points)

    I found a possible solution — a work-around. But you need an iPad (maybe iPhone okay).


    Proceed to set up iPad with iCloud, which requires your Apple ID. Go as far as you can, and there might be a point where it asks you to verify your Apple ID email address (because the verification from website failed). Click whatever is necessary to verify. I had to do so for FaceTime.


    Bingo. I get the verification email immediately in my iMac. Verified it through standard desktop website. Everything seems okay. My email address shown at is now verified with green check mark.