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I have iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro.  Both with latest versions of iOS5, Lion and iTunes.  My photostream is up and running perfectly as is everything else using iCloud.


My wife has ordered an iPhone 4S and already has her own apple ID account.


Is it possible for us to push all our photos to the one photostream I already have setup?


I have read various threads on similar topics and am still at a loss as to how we can consolidate our 'pushed' information.  Ideally, both iPhones should push all information (photos, calendar, etc) to one instance of iTunes, iCal and iPhoto.


I would be most grateful for any suggestions or feedback.


Kind regards

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    In a similar boat....looking for a good solution for a family of 5...


    In our home we have 5 people with their own iphones, 2 ipads, and 3 macbooks. Looking for a way we could keep all of our photos synced with 1 iphoto library...


    Looking at getting a mac mini as a hub that all devices will sync up to over wifi and photo stream..


    we have 1 main apple ID that we use for purchases, and each device each of us has our own icloud account on each iphone..


    If I use the main apple ID under the iCloud settings for each phone and only check photo stream, will pics taken from each phone all filter into the same photo stream (and into the same iphoto library)?


    If I then add the other icloud accounts under the mail settings I can then have each phone have it's own synced mail & contacts....but I don't see a way that each device could have it's own reminders and notes (this only appears in iCloud settings)....I don't want all of my reminders to go to everyone else..


    Any suggestions???  I basically just want to be able to have all of our photos easily sync into a single consildated library (iphoto or aperture)