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I have 2 Apple IDs.


I've updated my iPad and iPhone to IOS5, and now I am unable to verify my Apple ID that I use for purchases.


For this Apple ID, I used an email address that is no longer accessible to verify the ID. 


I have a money in this account from iTune gift cards, and I would like to use it for purchases.


How can I verify an Apple ID without access to the email account?

  • Wtorres831 Level 1 (0 points)

    I too am having the same problem. I recently updated both my iMAC and IPAD2 to IOS5 and i cant update my apps or purchase anything because i am unable to veify my Apple ID. I know my e-mail is correct as well as my password. After typing in my password as always before i update/download, it now says "You have not verified your AppleID." Tap OK to review the instructions on how to verify your Apple ID. Once i do that it takes me to the Email Verification window that states; "An email has been sent to address below with a link to verify your Apple ID, but i never receive anything. Ive been trying this for the past 3 days and still no e-mail. What is going on??? WE NEED HELP!!!

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    I have the same problem , I'm going crazy  too.

    plz anyone can help us ??

    I need to Update my apps soon and use my iPad and iPhone .

    Ive been trying this for the past 3 days and still no e-mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm encountering the same problem. I have updated to iOS5 for my iPhone 4 and now can not verify my email address by email. I also can not verify my email even after signing in to MyAppleID. I have been able to verify an alternate email address but not the primary. I am able to update apps but not able to download any new apps to my iPhone 4.

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    I had the EXACT same problem and almost pulled out what remaining (little) hair i have left.


    BUT! All is not lost...I think i found a solution...


    Go to and instead of logging in, change the email address associated with your account. Apple will then send the verification email and you can complete the process. Your "new id" will be the new email address. You should also see your account balances and purchases reflected just as they were.


    Hope this helps! (it worked for me)

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    I have the same problem since 20th of october 2011.

    My Account which I use for iTunes is not accesible and my alternative e-mail account is empty, so there is no e-mail to verify.

    it is not possible to change my e-mail adress for this account, because of this problem with this e-mail to verify think. it seems there is no workaround to fix this problem from the user, only from apple. But there is no answer or solution yet.

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    Well, after nearly a week of trying i have finally been able to log in and change my primary e-mail address.  However, even though it says it's verified I am still unable to use iCloud. It is still saying I need to return to an emaill address that is no longer accessible and, after the changes I have just made, no longer associated with my iTunes account.


    This is absolutely ridiculous.  I am seriously considering buying an iPad2 but all these problems are really putting me off.

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    I was able to download apps from App Store using my AppleID but I was unable to use iMessage at all with the same AppleID. After some search on the communities, I was able to do both now.

    I have two AppleID. I found that I need to make sure both accounts are using different email address, and both email address need to be verified.

    If you were, somehow, unable to verified the PREFER email address (which I had faced previously) of a AppleID account, you need to change the PREFER email to some OTHER email address, and go through the process to verified this OTHER email address. After this OTHER email address been verified, you can change this OTHER email address back to the PREFER email address, and go through the process of verification.

    This work for me.

  • Gino Cerullo Level 4 (1,450 points)

    If you no longer have access to the email address you originally used as an Apple ID or you just want to change it to another email address follow the instructions in this Apple Support Article:


    How to change the name you use for your Apple ID

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    All you have to do is change the email address associated with your Apple ID to something else.  But BEWARE!  An email address can ONLY be associated with ONE Apple ID.  <<--- This hosed me up for over a week!


    I suggest getting a few free ones to use via hotmail, gmail, etc... 

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    I still have the same problem, I change to 1 hotmail address and 5 yahoo address

    but all of them said "This email address is no longer associated with Apple ID."

    now, none of them can be use because they all said this eamil address has already in used !

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    Having the same issues here also, unable to log in in the first instance to be able to change any details. How can we change email or password details if we cannot log in ???

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    i am having the same problem i reacently got a new iphone 4s and used my dads apple id to set it up but then i made a new email and a new apple id and i reacently can't verify it on anything apple please help (i have $60 worth of gift cards on it)

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    My son got this I Pod touch for Christmas & still can't get to the email to verify it. This seems to be a problem with this so you would think you would have this in your manual I have been on line reading manuel which is not helpful at all.

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    Just had this issue.(sort of)


    Support told me Internet Explorer had issues reading message from Apple......


    I used another browser to read the 'verify Apple ID' email and bingo, sorted

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