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anyone can answer my problem ??



I'm using official carrier here(Globe Telecom-PH)




and the problem is, iMessage is not Activating


here's the story


after i Installed iOS5..my SIM (Globe)(official carrier) is inserted to my iPhone 3GS and everything works(iMessage)..then I changed my SIM for a while(Sun)(unofficial carrier of iPhone here in PH),then still everything works(iMessage).,then.,I put back my Globe SIM to my iPhone 3GS,iMessage displays the number of my Sun SIM,not my Globe SIM,.


here's my number on Globe




but iMessage displays my Sun's number



iMessage is not activating,.always "Waiting for activation"


i tried :

Resetting all settings

Rebooting my iPhone

syncing thru iTunes


but still,cannot activate,


anyone has a solution ?? thanks

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
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    Please some help us out,

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    I've got a similar problem with my iPhone 4. I also changed SIM cards, but on the same carrier. Also stuck on the waiting for activation screen and my number is displayed incorrectly.

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    I've got a similar problem.


    I changed sim cards (same phone number, different carrier). After changing sim cards iMessage (and Facetime) do not activate (the phone number, works via e-mail).


    I see many people around the forums have problem with activation.

    - sometimes changing wifi dns to, works

    - sometimes Facetime is restricted

    - sometimes it has something to do with automated time settings


    none of these worked for me.


    Really hoping to find a solution!

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    The following solution sounds plausible, but did not work for me


    1. To change the defult phone number in iMessage, you need to:
    2. Insert the new sim.
    3. Go to Settings > Messages>Turn off iMessage.
    4. Go to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    5. Once the iPhone is open.Go to Settings > Messages>Turn ON iMessage.T
    6. This will recognize the new sim and have it verified.I hope this helps.
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    Hey...  after having the SAME problem activating my iMessage (i had it working and having an factory unlocked iPhone 4S, i swapped SIM's once and then i couldn't get my number to activate again) a wonderful MAC GENIUS from my local store told me a solution that worked for another when all else fails (the DNS, auto-time, resetting, etc).


    Call your carrier to see if they are blocking premium texts or third party texts.. some carriers have an auto-block to protect you from random charges or sometimes (like me) we put the block on ourselves.


    I had my carrier remove this block and PRESTO... after they sent a network reset to my phone and i reset my network settings.. i turned on iMessage and FaceTime and they finally activated again!!! 


    I was able to put the premium block back on after and it still works just fine!!


    Hope that works for those that couldn't get it to activate!

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    go to settings, message, and turn off iMessage.

    text somebody.

    turn iMessage back on,

    then text them again.

    then settings, message, and the correct number should be showing.