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Hello, I just recently acquired a 16GB Black iPhone 3GS, model A1303. It had an older OS on it when I received it, and I connected to wi-fi and everything worked well. (I know this because it had an inactive sim in it and would not be able to connect to 3G Data) DISCLAIMER: This phone was never jailbroken.


Since then, I have installed iOS 5 on the 3GS, and I activated it fine, (with a dead sim), everything seems to be working except— it sees wifi, connects to it, but receives no internet signal (doesn't load web pages or update notifications, etc. I also let it sit over night with no applications running in the background and it drained from 100% to 86%. Hmmmmmm? That seems odd. Especially after I installed iOS 5 on my girlfriend's 8GB 3GS which has also not been jailbroken, and has not had any problems connecting to any wi-fi network, hers has no problem connecting with the wi-fi network this 16GB 3GS has issues with.


Sounds to me like iOS 5 may need to be re-written. I tried restoring it several times, on seperate computers even. I have a high doubt in my mind that the inactive sim is causing it to not be able to receive signal from wi-fi, especially since it did connect before with the same sim. I even tried the DNS trick as shown here https://discussions.apple.com/message/16415639#16415639 but with no avail. I have tried resetting my router, (Airport Extreme Gen. 4 vers. 7.5.2), but that doesn't work. I am no idiot when it comes to electronics and networking. I am going to try to downgrade the iPhone OS to 4.3.5 and pray. Hopefully Apple has a fix for this soon.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
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    And when downgrading to iTunes 10.4.1, apple makes it almost impossible to do on a machine running OSX Lion. SERIOUSLY!

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    Just thought it might be of help,I have a 3GS which was working fine, un til I upgraded to IOS5 I then had random connectivity issues despite trying everything, I finally got an appointment at the genius bar, they couldnt find anything wrong, what fixed it was going back to a pre- IOS5 backup. I.e restore the phone to an old backup, yes I lost some data, photos and the like, althouhg likely i back up regulary, so it was not so bad, no problems now thouhg, its almost certainly an  issue with the SW.

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    Same story for me.

    Have an iPhone 3 GS, almost 2 years old. Never had serious troubles besides the alarm bug...

    Was so happy I bought an Ipad and Ipad2 recently.

    But now, since iOS 5 I cannot connect on WIFI anymore.

    Tried all tricks I found on forums, even thought it was my router.


    No reset, resync, etc worked. And I cannot downgrade to iOS4 for a stupid reason.

    I store my backups on ICloud but I cannot access it with iTunes, at least my iPhone says this... he needs WIFI he says.. and that's just te problem. No WIFI for me !


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    Update :


    I found the text below on a forum : This looks a lot about our problem but... it was already in 2009 with the 2G...


    http://modmyi.com/forums/general-iphone-chat/441981-not-finding-wifi-iphone-2g.h tml

    I Have Absolutely Positively Found What The Wifi Problem Is With The 2G iPhones. The Battery!. When The Battery Life Has Dropped. Wifi Will Not Work If Your Battery Life Is Higher? Than 50% I Thought This Was B.S. Until I Tried It. If You Have An Actual App That Allows You To See Your Battery Percentage, It's Been Proven. I Charged My Battery To Full Power Just To Put What I Found Out To Test. My Battery Was At 90%. My Wifi Went In An Out Constantly, Never Staying On More Than 10sec. The Second It Hit 50% Wifi Came Back Instantly, Never Disappearing Again.


    So What's Been Happening Is When You Restore It, It Resets Your iPhone Momentarily. But As Soon As That Extra Boost Of Battery Life Goes Away....Back To The Same Ole Wifiless iPhone.


    To Apple-Tech :


    My iPhone always drops his ipadres and comes with a new one. But the strange thing is he gets a ip adres in another range specified in my router ? The iPads are collecting an Ip-adres in the correct range... the iPhone gets one out of the blue...

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    Any update from someone ?


    Yesterday I had a look into my Router/Wifi access point.

    Disabled security/encryption but all devices connected except... the iPhone 3GS.

    Router had latest firmware installed.


    When I check the router monitoring software I saw that the 3GS connects to the router, and after 60 seconds the connection is dropped and he reconnects again. But the ip adres the iPhone gets is not within the DHCP range.


    thats probably why the phone cannot connect to the internet.

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    If you are using IOS5 I strongly urge you to revert to a previous back-up prior to your IOS5 SW upgrade, I had correct firmware and no errors, but the same sort of issues, reverting to the previous SW fixed my issues totally, no more wifi problems