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i dont understand whats going on, ever since iMessage, it seems a good portion or my texts, to multiple recipents are getting sent a day or so after the first time it was sent, giving people the wrong impression on a conversation, or just generally confusing them. is there a way to fix this?


maybe i didnt have good service at the time and the phone is just automatically resending them? is there a way to disable this?

iPhone 4, iOS 5, Verizon, 16GB, unjailbroken.
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    I also have the iPhone 4 but on sprint and have also been having this same issue. It seems to only be resendig old texts (usually from a dew days ago) to the people I text most often but under seemingly no certain circumstance. I read in another forum that this may be a carrier issue, but to have the problem on two separate service providers seems odd? Unless it is just an issue of having poor service at the time the original message was sent (even though every message of mine that had been resent had gone through originally and the resends prevented new messages from being received). What can be done about this?

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    I am having the same problem with the iPhone 4. It's been doing this ever since the iOS5 update and iMessage. It's really annoying. I took it to apple they told me it was a problem with Verizon. I called Verizon and they sent me a new phone. Guess what?? STILL DOING IT!! Sorry apple, this is your problem and it needs to be fixed. NOW! How do I fix it?

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    I can tell you this much, it's definitely an apple problem and not the carrier. My sprint iPhone 4 does the same thing. I've started to date and time every message I send and it's annoying. I'm thinking of getting rid of it because of the problem. My phone will even reply to messages with old messages now. Only realized this since I started adding the date and time to them.

    Wish apple would fess up and get it fixed. It's not worth having this phone if it has a mind of its own.

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    Hey guys, I understand your frustration. This problem is extremely annoying and can potentially get u in trouble given the right (or wrong) circumstances. So try this: go to settings then go to messages the turn MMS messaging off and then back on. That's what I did and I haven't had the problem since my last post (and I text A LOT). So that's what worked for me and I hope it works for all of you. If it doesn't, try again. Turn MMS off and then leave it off for a few. Also send a couple of regular text messages with MMS off. Then turn it back on. That's how I originally did it and that's what worked for me. I wish I figured that out before I sent my original phone back to Verizon because there was actually nothing wrong with the phone. Now I'm stuck with this refurbished phone they sent me. Oh well works fine now.

    Hope this helps

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    what is MMS messaging? This resending of texts has just started on my iphone 4! What a pain!

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    Same problem.  Texting is useless on this phone currently.


    Goodbye, Apple.  Between iOS 7 and glaring defects like this, the iPhone is now not even a viable communication instrument.