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I'm having a major issue with location-based reminders when I use Siri.  When I say for example, "remind me to buy milk when I get home" it uses a different address than what my home address is in my contacts.  What's strange is that I live in Manhattan and it takes me to the same address in Brooklyn, but with a different zip code and I have the correct zip code in my contacts.  The (correct) address also comes up when I type it into Google Maps. 


Someone in another thread suggested using a validator to see if my address comes up correctly, using this link:



I tried it, and the correct address comes up so that doesn't appear to be the issue.


What makes this issue even more bizarre is that I set up another address in my contacts for "work" and when I use siri to create a reminder "remind me to call mike when I get to work" it shows an address that is close to work, but not my actual work address.


Is anyone else having these issues?  It's driving me crazy.  I've made sure that my enterprise email location is off, the default account is my iCloud, and also tried deleting/re-creating my own contacts.. all to no avail.


Please help!

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    The same thing happened to me today. I set up a bunch of reminders for when I got home (the 1st 2 using Siri) and they were all set for my home address and set for when I arrive. I still have not been home yet but when I was driving on the highway and passed an exit near my home (I'd guess almost a mile away from my actual home address) a bunch of reminders popped up.