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iCloud is such a major change to the way OS X operates, that it should have move to OS XI (Eleven).


Can anyone guide me through this scenario?


6 Macs.

3 are Mac Mini's, either Core Solos or Core Duos. (Not Core 2 Duos).


So 3 Macs are incapable of being upgraded to iCloud. One of the Core Duo's is currently my iTunes "server".  All my iOS devices (1 x iPod Touch, 2 x iPhone 3GS, 1 x iPhone 4) are synced to that Mac.


I can't move my library to another Mac -- 2 are MBP's (Portable, and not always home), and the other a Mac Pro (too Power hungry -- my power bill goes up significantly when this is left on 24/7).


The 3 Mac Minis don't require any of the traditional MobileMe services, but I do like the concept of synching my Music library to iCloud.


Any suggestions on how I proceed?


BTW -- Any truth in the rumor that Snow Leopard will be supported shortly?  I've seen it in mainstream media in Australia...

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    If you move your exisiting MobileMe to become icloud , all machines that can't run Lion will be out of the syncing.


    That easy.


    And no, Snow Leopard does not support icloud. Rumors are rumors. But if something like a 10.6.9 was in the works, we would have heared or seen more then a photoshopped screenshot .. So : No. Lion only. 10.7.2 to be exact.