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I am a "newbie" iPhone user. I recently purchased the 4s through Verizon.

a white 32 gb mode. I am using icloudl. I'm having problems with either the camera locking up after taking a few photos and

the photos coming out very hazy/ grainy looking. It worked fine the first few days but the

last 4 days the picture and video quality is getting worse and worse.

disappointing to say the least but I'm wondering is this something I can

fix or a software update?

Thanks for any advice you can give,


iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I am have the EXACT same problem. I took a photo last night and it kind of "froze". It made several very grainy copies of the same photo. Now ALL of the photos in my album are fuzzy. Even the ones I previously took that were fine. I am wondering if it is a iCloud sync issue as I was in an area that had poor cell reception. Anxiously awaiting a response to this.

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    I had the same problem today and now some of the pictures are showing as a white box only if you select edit will the picture show properly. I have tried to restart the phone but no luck pictures look pixallated. this is on an iphone 4 running ios 5

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    Good Afternoon All,

    Yesterday I went to the Apple store/genius bar. First of all I had the clear protectant film on the front and back of my phone under a two layer incipio case. The rep that helped me stated there should be no film on the back of the phone as it causes reflection from the flash causing haze with pics ESP at night/darker environments. I admit I was skeptical and he also said that my case while nice did not have a large enough opening for the camera lens/flash even though it was made for iPhone 4 the changes made to the new camera calls for a sizable difference in the opening to allow for the flash to work properly.


    I purchased my case at Verizon and they told me no such thing, so I was a bit skeptical but I picked a case with a larger opening approx a 1/2 centimeter larger than my current one and removed the film from the back of my phone then I asked the rep if he would go into the back area of the store, turn the lights off and take a few pics to be sure that was the problem and he did!  Viola! Problem solved. I'm really surprised that was it but last night I took a bunch of pics in low level light and they turned out great, no further issues. The brand of the new case was "uncommon" most of the cases for 4s in the apple store had a much larger opening and the inner part of the opening was also blackened. There were a few other brands too "speck" was one but if you are buying from a website just make sure you get one with an opening of about 1/2" H x 3/4" W to. Accommodate changes made to the camera.


    Hope this helps others.  Have a great day :0)


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    Same problem here. Very hazy/blurry pictures. They were find the first few days but since then if I'm not taking a picture in daylight then the picture is hazy. Never had this problem with iPhone 4 with similar photo taking. I'm not using a case so it can't be that for me.

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    I have been having the same problem as well. I tried restarting my phone thinking it may have been a glitch but that didn't seem to work. There's nothing covering my camera lens so that can't be it. When I had gone back into my albums some of the pictures I took came up just white or exact duplicates- then it rearranged all my photos strangely. I'm guessing it may be the camera software? Though I haven't had these problems before