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  • ShahedS Level 1 (0 points)

    Forums are really helpful.

    My iphone 4S is from Canadaand unlocked, worked fine in north America but once I cameback to Dhaka Bangladeshit started to act as others have mentioned. I though the SIMwas bad so picked up new micro SIM fromGrameen and obviously nothing changed.


    Iphone 4S detects network and drops intermittently, goes tono network or unsupported sim mode then comes back again after restarts. In settingsmy number is unknown. Fails to send text or messages and to my frustration goesto no network mode and stays in the no network mode cutting me off from theworld!


    I switched back to my old iphone 4 with the same sim andtried the same micro sim in 3GS (by putting the sim back on the originalstandard size sim from which it was broken off from) no problem at all, worksfine and never goes out of network. 


    There must be a fix for this I am really getting frustrated.


    I’ve done all the recommendations for solving the problembut its not working:-


    • -        removing the PINlock
    • -        resetting the iphone and setting it up from backup
    • -        resetting the iphone and setting is up as a new phone
    • -        replacing the sim
    • -        using a different sim which is a cut sim from aoriginal older version
    • -        selecting the carrier manually but have done it fewminutes ago so really can’t say what is happening.


    Apple wake up and please try to fix the problem

  • martinfromblackpool Level 1 (0 points)

    Ive finally lost my rag with this situation and am now going to buy myself a new android phone.


    My problem started 9th november before i even upgraded to 5.0.1, my signal dropped off in the morning and never came back despite reboots etc, then once i had updated to 5.0.1 i never had a signal, tried restores, new sims everything, finally gave up the other night after itunes decided it wouldnt recognise the sim saying it doesnt exist ( this sim is a week old and is working 100% fine in an old sony ericsson phone btw - my previous sim was the same no problem!)......paperweight!? ha its not even useful for that! Up until this my iphone4 worked spot on no problems its gone from 100% working to useless in 3 weeks!


    Im very thankful forums exist like this as theyve gotten me out of a few holes in the past and im sure those who've got their iphones working again are very thankful, but it shouldnt be like this.........Apple get your finger out, do a press release, f**king something! as there are more threads starting on this every day!

  • KYOCHIN Level 1 (0 points)

    I kind of agree with you. Wherever the responsibility or liability lies between Apple or carriers, phone is not functional as phone although there are millions of apps in app store(1% unique and it works) and Siri is evo/revolutionary even though it works only in English languages, then 4S is 100 hours less battery life whatsoever. It's just too much hype and I have been using mac for 15 years but this iPhone stuff is the height of stupidity, it's nothing special if you actually try other HTC or others. I hope people learn bit more about other options too before actually saying iPhone is the best, best smartphone. My wife is using Nokia, wife's family using HTC and ZTE none of them has any problems like this.

  • mritacca Level 1 (5 points)

    Apple can you please address all the issues with iPhone 4S and iOS 5.x in a timely manner?  This is an EPIC fail!


    I am on my 3rd iPhone due to No Service.  I have replaced two SIM cards and it is not the network. I work with a friend who is on same network as me and he has an Android.  He never has reception issues and I do in the same area.  The iPhone can't catch a signal and takes forever and stays stuck on No Service. It leads me to believe it is software related.


    3 iPhones all having the same issue!  Is this software or hardware?  If hardware then you should recall millions of phones!  Almost 2 months have past by and no word from Apple yet.  I am losing my trust in your products ever since Tim Cook has taken full control of Apple.


    iOS 5.0.1 did not fix your battery issues


    Constant Wi-FI issues, signal problems and yellow displays on iPhone 4S.  They need to be addressed and in a timely manner.  Apple released 10 betas of iOS 5 and that certainly did not help your case.   Please address the issues once and for all and in a timely manner!

  • witoldfrompoznan Level 1 (0 points)

    I just wander why anyone at Apple doesn't even say sorry folks about the problem we're trying to work things out, wait for iOS upgrade or something like this... It is very annoying and I do not believe Apple is not aware of the problem. They probably made so much money selling iPhone 4s so far that they don't even bother to focus on the problem probably loughing reading solutions like turn this on, turn that off etc. We are all just a bunch of unfortunate people who believed the hype and now pay the price of 1000 bucks for being naive

  • martinfromblackpool Level 1 (0 points)

    In follow up to my previous post visited a phone shop last night and purchased........ an HTC Wildfire S!


    Its an interesting concept, you put your sim card in, turn the phone on, you sign into your email, you get a phone signal which is suitable for phone calls, texts and 3g for internet, email and apps, my house has struggled with signal especially with the iphone but shock and awe no problems with the HTC at all, always signal always useable.


    Better than an iphone4? Well it works and for £130 (iphone4 was £499) its certainly alot cheaper, doesnt look as good, screen isnt as good, BUT it is certainly fit for purpose and does everything i need it too.


    As for the iphone4 well im writing to trading standards as its not fit for purpose, its just outside its replacement warranty period and quite frankly ive treated it like its on life support since i got it (and the one before it).


    Thanks Apple youve turned a once loyal and happy customer into a cynic and a none believer in your phones and premium prices - not only but someones whos defected back to Android (full circle really as i had the G1/HTC Dream way back when!)

  • Pkprg Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just learned from a well informed and technically savvy source in a mobile operator that the cause of this is so complex interplay of hardware and software conditions in some iPhones that there is basically no way it can be reliably and forever fixed by a software patch or new version of iOs. Also, the iOs 5.1.0 Beta which is available for registered developers does not solve it in many cases I have been told.


    The only real solution is to get the device replaced, apparently. This is what my mobile operator offers as the recomended and only solution now, too.

  • tsunkhunmun Level 1 (0 points)

    from what I read all over the internet this is true. That means that Iphone 4S is a big failure from a technical point of view.

  • WOLVERIINE Level 1 (0 points)

    what i dnt seem to understand is that many 4S buyers are not experiencing the same problem!!??! People with the same carriers, people that bought it from the same store....etc

    Wha does that mean ... i have no clue but as previosuly mentioned apple should address the issue or make a press release or something as its not acceptible for people to suffer like this ...especially at the prices customers are paying

  • Pkprg Level 1 (0 points)

    I guess that some parts of iPhone hardware are made by more then just one supplier, and are produced in batches that may vary a bit (or have a hidden fault or irregularity that appears under certain conditions, like a combination od carrier network configuration, sim card type - sim card is a chip, too - etc.), and that just some portion of iPhones is affected then.


    Solution: do not wait for a software fix, get the faulty phone replaced.


    Today, I called the customer line of the online Apple store in my country I got the phone from. They immediatelly knew what I'm talking about, but had to switch me to their tech support first - however as I had already call the tech support a week ago and we already went through the list of checks (switch on/off, factory reset etc.) and they had indeed this record - they said immediatelly I'm elligible for a replacement with no further checks.


    The customer care person I was talking to was really apologetic for the situation and nobody questioned this is their fault.


    When I was talking with my carrier support a week ago, their advise was the same: if you brought it in our store, come back to get a replacement.


    I'm a bit disapointed, indeed, but on the other hand, with such a complex systems, this must happen from time to time.

  • mritacca Level 1 (5 points)

    Having used iPhone since 2007, I can assure you it is the OS!



    This very exact same problem happened with OS 3.x!


    I have been through three iPhone 4S's and they all exhibit this problem.


    Apple needs to come clean and get this problem fixed. We should all contact the blogs/news outlets and get on social media and make some noise regarding all the bugs and hopefully that will get Apple moving on the ball to get this OS fixed once and for all.

  • radalcin Level 1 (0 points)

    In Brazil I had the information from Apple's support is that the moment you upgrade to version 5.0.1 the cell blocks. As I need to work bought another phone (Android).

    Much speculation and Apple does not comment officially. I am very disappointed with the company's position .... ridiculous

    Iphone 4s 5.0.1

  • nockab Level 1 (0 points)

    Pkprg, please leave some information if you get it to work after it's replaced. For example I don't have Apple store in Latvia and nobody will change it for me. Only solution is to get money back and buy another phone (not Apple) or search for other stores that sell iPhones and try luck there. But I choose iPhone because after 3 years of iPhone 3G I was very satisfied and had only good emotions. I can't believe that things are so changed from then.

  • witoldfrompoznan Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes Apple is a company build on good emotions, that's why they're so successful. But they seem to forget there's a very thin line between love and hate. You can forgive someone cheating on you once (4) but twice ?... (4s). I think that now when the genious of Steve Jobs is deceased I would call it a post Jobs era , Apple became just another company rushing for easy money releasing new phones without checking if they actually work properly before putting them on the market. When Jobs was alive he at least had balls to confront them @ a press conference and now everybody knows the problem but nobody seems to admit it. What a shame... It can be the beginning of the fall of this company, exactly the same as Jobs left for the first time but now there's no comming back. A lot of bad emotions from me, what a shame...

  • nicoleteo Level 1 (0 points)

    I think ive found a solution guys for your "no service" iphone 4s.


    Go to settings>carrier>switch automatic off


    Select your carrier.


    Network and 3g shud automatically be found too.


    Hope it helps

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