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    Hi Friends,




    Never get carried away if you see "NO SERVICE" on your iPhone. I had suffered a lot with this and I really wanted to get rid of my iPhone 4S. I used to have "NO SERVICE" issues at many locations.


    But  had full faith in apple and thought of doing a study on it.


    I purchesed a new smart phone (android os, not apple) and a new SIM card of another service provider.

    I found that the new smart phone too losing signal with the old SIM card (ie the SIM card with which I used to have "NO SERVICE" issues in my iPhone). I was losing signal with the new android phone and the old SIM card, almost at the same locations where I was having "NO SERVICE" with iPhone and this old SIM card.


    Then I tried the old SIM card in different standard Symbian mobile phones, and I never had any low signal issue with the old SIM card. I was not losing signal at any location.


    When I was using the old SIM card in my new android smart phone, simultaneously I was using the new SIM card(of a different service provider) in my iPhone 4S and I never had any "NO SERVICE" issues at all, at any location.


    I had given my new android smart phone to my wife. Her SIM card and my old SIM card were of the same service provider, and  she started having low or no signal issues.


    So my studies, though expensive, revealed that the "NO SERVICE" issue is a combination certain service provider's signal+smart phone os(android or ios). I never had signal loss with any Symbian phiones, in any of the locations where I was loosing signal with android smart phone or iPhone.


    Hope apple will look into this, or already looked into it and solved.


    I had ported my service to the new SIM card service provider, and till today, I am using my iPhone 4S which never gave me "NO SERVICE" issues. I often travel to different cities in India, and I never had any issues anywhere.


    My wife too opted for my new service provider and she too have no signal issues at any location. She still uses the android smart phone. When I buy a new iPhone 5S, I will give her my iPhone 4S.





    Suresh R Nair

    Mob +919833283153.

    Flat No 304/Himachal CHS Ltd,

    Juhu Lane, Andheri-West. Mumbai 400 058.


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    Its amazing! it works.

    Couple days ago I received a case (china version) that I bought on Ebay, In a couple hours I phone started to lose the signal, now 3 days later, I read this comment, I removed the case and SURPRISE!! the phone is working with a strong signal.


    Thanks MaudGonne even 1 year later, your comment is very helpful.

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    I had the same problem so decided to created the great infographic guide so it's now much more easier to fix no service issue. Here is my iphone no service guide each block you are interested will redirect you to proper instruction. Please let moe know if the guide is ok

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    could this be a blue coil connecter problem

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    Hi thanks i have been having this problem of going out of coverage and not getting service when coming into coverage so had to restart my phone everytime now after turning ON my SIM PIN after seeing your post it works so thanks heaps!!!!!!!!!!


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