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I regularly use my iPhone to play music in my car by plugging in one of those double ended headphone jacks into the phone. With every other iPhone i've ever had, music has played back perfectly with no issues. The iPhone 4S is a different story for me though.


Whenever I plug the phone in to play music, I can hear a distinct and prominent static/fuzz that interferes with the music. One odd thing I've discovered though is that if I turn the volume up or down on the phone as I'm listening to the music, at certain volume levels (completely random, changes everytime) the static disapears altogether.


To give an example, I might be listening to music with a lot of fuzz when the volume is at the halfway point. I click to turn the volume up once or twice - fuzz is still there (albeit even louder). Click to turn the volume up some more, stillt there. Then one more time, all of a sudden the fuzz is entirely gone. Click to turn the volume down, fuzz is back. Click all the way down to the halfway point, fuzzz is still there. Click down a little more, all of a sudden the fuzz is gone again. There's really no rhyme or reason to when the static comes or goes. But there is definitely some corrolation with the volume button.


To double check that the problem is not specific to my phone, or to my car-  I also tested my gf's iphone 4S on my car, and the same results are replicated. Nor does the problem seem to lay with my car as every previous iphone I've owned has worked perfectly with the car, and has never had any static issues. So the problem seems to be indemnic to the iphone 4S


Has anyone experienced anything similar to this - whether with headphones, or a double ended audio jack?

iPhone 4, iOS 5