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Siri can't call 10 digit numbers. 11 digit numbers are fine. I am with O2 UK. Adding  44 or 0044 makes no difference. Any ideas?

iOS 5
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    Reciting the number doesn't work either...unless I am calling

    11 digit numbers

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    OK...adding a "0" at the end of the number seems to solve the problem! I can finally use Siri to call home!

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    I had the same issue. I use Verizon and never dialed *228 to set up my phone. I could dial 11 digit numbers, but not 10 digit numbers.


    Once I dialed *228 and setup my phone, the problem went away. Call O2 and ask if you need to have your phone programmed. Or, try going to an Apple store and see if they can help yout there.

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    Hi, same here siri can make international calls but not any local calls... wow that's really strange... everyone I know that has an iPhone 4s and lives in Cyprus has the same problem... I have tried changing the international settings, removing the ext, restoring, adding "0" at the end  or  +1 at the beginning and I have activated my iPhone.. Nothing worked. The mobile numbers in Cyprus look like this ---> +357  99XXXXXX  why is this happening ?  I can call U.S and U.K numbers with siri but not any local lol everything ells is perfect, my contacts are organized just fine and when I receive a call or a msg the contact name shows up correctly...