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I have an iPad 2 that my special needs son continued to try the passcode and it is now locked. I do not have the original PC that i built it with and the iPad now states... "iPad Locked Connect to iTunes". I connect it to iTunes on a new PC and now iTunes says to unlock the iPad using your passcode but the passcode screen is not on the display. It seems that this is stuck between two different authentication masters and neither works now.  Also I have MobileMe loaded or iCloud or whatever it is called and it sees the iPad when connected. It does allow me to lock it remotely but there is no unlock.


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    Are you able to perform a "restore to factory settings" when the iPad is connected to iTunes? It will erase all content from the iPad, including the locked issue. If this new PC has had the iPad synced even once before your son's attempts locked it, then "restore from backup". If not and you are however, syncing to MobileMe or iCloud you can pull down whatever the content you have up there after the factory restore and you set up the iPad as if it were a brand new one.

    Good luck Gary, double check before you do a restore, what content you are likely to lose and email it yourself if you have to, in order to save it.

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    Thanks, i have an outside chance that my IT may have saved the disk or a copy of the disk from my old laptop. So i appreicate the immediate feedback and help.