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Hello Everyone.

I've been stumped on my issue for some time and have been researching but found nothing.


OSX: 10.6.8

iCal: 4.0.4


My boss uses google calendar.  I'm his assistant and he's shared that calendar with me so that I have access to it through my google account and I can add and delete events.


I like using iCal.  So I synced my iCal up with my google Calendar.  I used the calDAV method of syncing.  I can add and delete events to my calendar just fine.  I was able to add and delete events to my boss' calendar by creating a delegate calendar through iCal.  Everything worked fine.  However my boss added another calendar to his google account.  I didn't think this would have any effect on my ability to edit events as I simply set up my boss' new calendar as another delegate in iCal.


The problem now is that I cannot get either of my delegate accounts to sync.


I deleted my calDAV and started from scratch in iCal.  I added my googole account and delegates.  Everything works fine.  All of my boss' events load into my iCal but as soon I I try to edit one of them my delegate will no longer sync.


It seems like this should work and be easy but I cannot find a solution to keep my delegates syncing.


Does anyone have any ideas?


I also have a mobileMe calDAV that syncs just fine with iCal.