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So, I have this great iPhone 4S and I figured I would use it to tape my daughter's running race.  Then, I figured I would use the nifty iMovie for iOS to edit together a few clips and upload them to YouTube.


The first part worked fine (glad for the built-in instructions) but the second part doesn't seem to work.  I've tried four times, with videos of different lengths (as short as 11 seconds) in multiples sizes (including the smallest available), and it just gets to the end of the upload process and doesn't finish.


Has anyone else out there had any success with doing this directly? (I've already read about various solutions involving third-party apps and loading into iMovie on the desktop, but I'm interested in any tips for getting these videos loaded to YouTube directly from the phone, as advertised.)



iMovie (iOS), iOS 5, iPhone 4S
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    fredrick... ive had the iphone 4s for just over a week.. one of the sole purposes was getting high def video testimonials from clients and uploading on the run with imovie.. aka, to generate more work on the weekends, for which ive been invisible for years on social media..  my first two imove app movies uploaded to youtube and facebook..  early this morning, with a new clip, only 90 seconds long i went to upload...  it will upload to facebook, but not to you tube, which im upset about... it goes through the whole process.. and then it like stalls out.....im kinda upset... im only a musician, so getting an iphone with a data plan was a big step, and i hope i havnt made a grave error.....