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    dr mishadog wrote:


    I need messaging that allows me to talk to anyone through all systems and platforms. So we have yet another limited use  Apple app to languished unused on our laptops.

    That's called "email".  And there are other avenues such as AOL Messenger, etc, besides regular texting and actually making a phone call.


    iMessage as far as I understand it is to txt WITHOUT incurring txt fees by using Apple servers. It requires an Apple device running IOS5 or Mountain Lion. 


    I'm guessing ATT, Verizon, et al would be VERY unhappy if an Apple user could txt anyone on another system without incurring a txt fee.


    So, consider iMessage a freebie to use in the Apple world only.  Even there, it requires the recipient to have iMessage turned on.


    AFYI, it's not lanquishing on my devices.

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    My partner and I have and iPhone each plus we have one iPad plus one iMac all runing the latest OS's and all are logged in with the same apple ID. (different iPhone phone numbers of course) We have exactly the same iPhone setups as far as iMessage and iCloud and apple ID go, but I can send an iMessage to my iPhone from the iPad (home WiFi) but not to his iPhone. This also includes from the iMac ( home WiFi).

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    You can add google talk and facebook chat to iMessage... it's just the new iChat!

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    I'm having what may be the same difficulty.  I have multiple verified apple ID's, two of them have confirmation email for iCloud activation from Apple.  Of the two confirmed email, iCloud, Apple ID's  .... one works and the other does not.  The one which does not work will not enable the "send" button in iMessage and iMessage returns a warning that "...the email address is not registered with iMessage."


    If I try to insert a second email address into the "receive at" field in iMessage it returns an error "This email address is already in use."  This happens to each address in turn, if I enter one as primary in "receive at" it is accepted and the other is rejected as a second address.

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    If that is the case, then sendd your messages an SMS through your normal provider - then you will be able to send messages to everyone on any platform.

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    also if you cant get the messaging app to work just download text plus its much esier to use

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    For what it's worth, you can text ANY cell phone number (regardless of if they have iMessage, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) using AIM.


    Edit the person's contact card in the "Contacts" application on your Mac. Next to "AIM" in the "user name" field, add the person's cell phone number. **You must add a +1 before the person's 10-digit cell phone number. So the AIM user name, for example, is:



    Now go back to iMessages, type that person's name in the "To" field and select the new +1 AIM number. Voila. Free texting to any cell number!

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    Sounds good, but I've followed your instructions from April 17 and now the message text entry field says in light grey text "AIM offline". I don't use AIM (not sure what it means TO use it), perhaps that is the problem?

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    When I try to register with IMessage it all works but the last bit it says verification not completed

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    Ok I've sorted it got it sorted on iPhone /iPad/iPod,

    Had tio reset the phone and iPod but its working now.

    You can only use it with the people that have activated the Imessage on the device.

    Only works  with people that have I devices

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    ichat is different than imessage

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    Did you ever get a response to your question about how to register a number in your contacts with imessage? If so, could you let me know?

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    no duh.  it the same responce you get everywhere.  serriously though; how do you register a phone number with imessage.  when you try to message a phone/ipad with it's linked number, how does that user register their device so you're number is in iMessage.    It has the option to add Emails... and I have no problem with the emails... so I don't need advice conserning the emails.  All I am asking is if there is a way to actually register a number; or is that a serious problem on Apple's behalf?

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    I've done that and every time it says "sorry an error occurred during activation please try again. I have a deactivated iPhone 4S and I have been able to imessage other iPhones until I recently updated my software to ios 7 and now my imessage simply won't cut on. Someone help me out please.

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    This Messages app is, to quote Steve Jobs, 'a piece of kaka'. On the system that has my Contacts, I can't use Messages to save my life. On the other system with NO CONTACTS at all, I can message EVERYONE!


    The inconsistency is HORRID!!! It's stupid! It's brain dead, it's stillborn... It's ridiculous!


    How do I register contacts that are already on the computer? Why do I have to 'register' anything? Why doesn't it just work? Do I have to 'register' an e-mail address before sending it e-mail? NO!


    This is Messages on Mavericks... Brain dead... Sorry if I broke a rule with this post, but this is ridiculous...