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Ultrasound tech told us the video she made for us (on a Maxell DVD+RW) of our last ultrasound (girl, yay!) would get destroyed if I tried to rip it. Is that even possible? I ripped the ultrasound from our last child two years ago, from the same doctor's office, and had no problem—but also received no warning first.


Is there any other way of capturing the video? I tried to play it as a DVD on my iMac using the DVD player and make a screen recording through QuickTime Player, but the video just came across as scrambled (guessing by default QuickTime won't let users record DVDs).



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    There isn't any reason to believe that the recording given to you by the ultrasound tech is protected or copyrighted. Therefore you should have no problem ripping it. You need to download two free applications. They are VLC and Handbrake. Handbrake, using VLC, will convert the video to a format your Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad can easily play. Both apps can be found at MacUpdate.com and are easy to use. Of course it is quite illegal to copy a commercial, protected DVD but a recording of your child given to you by the technician at the hospital should be perfectly okay. I don't know here the technician got the idea that ripping the DVD would destory it. Complete poppycock in my opinion.