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  • viking bear Level 1 (120 points)

    The answer to your question: yes, you can make this calendar appear in the cloud.

    How is the calendar shared? Who owns the calendar?

  • jandcfox Level 1 (0 points)

    The calender is created on a website called "Shift Administrator."  On the site is a link that says, "Export to iCal format."  On iCalendar it shows up under "subscriptions."

    I right click on that subscription and have the location as iCloud vs. on my mac.

    However, it doesn't show up on icloud. 

    Any suggestions?

  • chockice Level 1 (0 points)

    @ jandcfox


    I have an almost identical problem.  I have accepted an invitation to a shared calender and selected iCloud as the location - the shared calender appears on my iPhone and within iCal on my MacBook (Lion) but not in iCloud, I have selected location to "On My Mac" (removes said calender from the phone) reset it to iCloud but it still doesn't appear there even though it is back on my phone (3GS running iOS5).


    Doesn't seem right to me that it is syncing with the iPhone but not to iCloud.  What am I missing.

  • Baron D Level 1 (0 points)



    If I understand this situation, a shared calendar and subscribed calendar are handled the same.  Subscribed calendars are "shared" by ICloud --  thus will appear on your Iphone -- but don't show up when you visit the Icloud website.  Yes, that's weired but how it works.  So, I'm assuming the same is true for shared calendars.



  • jandcfox Level 1 (0 points)

    @chockice and @ Baron D


    My issue is that this calendar is ONLY on my iMac..I can't get it to show up on the iphone or ipad.  And if I am reading Baron correclty, it shouldn NOT show up on icloud...but should be on the other devices.  I tried what chockice suggested...taking it back to mac and then to icloud, but still, no luck.

    I'm desperate for a solution because this is something I really need to have access to when I am away from home.  I'm thinking that I might manually have to enter this work schedule into the calendar everymoth and avoid the subscription...but that seems like to shouldn't be the only answer.

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    OK, I think I have cracked it - at least for my situation.  This seems to work for sharing/subscribing between iCloud users (I have not tried using external sources as I don't need to).


    If I am the sharer (donor) and my wife is the sharee (recipient) then in iCloud I get two options:


    a) Private Calender


    b) Public Calender


    Where I went wrong was that I shared a Public Calender because I wanted it Read Only but in doing that it becomes a "Subscription" within iCal on my wife's MacBook (Lion) and for whatever reason it doesn't appear within iCloud but was pushed to her iPhone (3GS iOS5).  I know that is illogical but that is how it was.


    What I have now done is stop that Share (Subscription) and re-invite using a Private Calender, the important point I hadn't realised is that you can alter the settings to make it either "View Only" or "View & Edit", by doing this it is SHARED.  When Shared it appears on all devices (MacBook, iPhone, iCloud) both sharer and sharee.


    So, in summary, there is (or appears to be) a significant difference between how a shared calender and a subscription calender are handled within iCloud, despite Apple saying otherwise.




    It appears you are doing everything correctly (see below) but I just don't believe that Apple have got this right. If your husband puts his schedule on his iCloud (manually, not a subscription and I am assuming he has iCloud) he could then Share it with you (either in View Only or View & Edit) but this is hardly the "productivity" solution you require.


    From iCal Help -

    If you know the web address of an iCal calendar that someone has published or shared on the Internet, you can add that calendar to iCal by subscribing to it.

    If you have an iCloud (or MobileMe) account set up in iCal, you can choose to add the subscribed calendar to that account. Then you can view the subscribed calendar in iCal and iCloud Calendar (or MobileMe Calendar), and in the Calendar app on devices with iOS 5 or later for iCloud (iOS 4 or later for MobileMe) without having to resubscribe to the calendar (just set up your iCloud or MobileMe account on each device).

    1. In iCal, choose Calendar > Subscribe.Open iCal
    2. Enter the web address for the calendar you want to subscribe to, and then click Subscribe.
    3. Type a name for the calendar in the Name field and choose a calendar color from the adjacent pop-up menu.
      • If you have an iCloud (or MobileMe) account, choose whether you want the calendar to be located only on your Mac or on your iCloud (or MobileMe) account. If you want to view a subscription calendar in iCal and in the Calendar app on devices with iOS 5 or later (iOS 4 or later for MobileMe) without resubscribing to the calendar, choose your iCloud (or MobileMe) account.
      • If you want to receive any reminders or attachments, or hear any alarms associated with the calendar, deselect the appropriate Remove checkboxes.
      • If you want iCal to update your copy of this calendar when changes to it are published on the Internet, choose the update frequency from the “Auto-refresh” pop-up menu.
    4. Click OK.The calendar you subscribed to appears in your Calendars pop-up list under the heading “Subscriptions.” To make changes to the calendar, click Calendars, select the calendar, and then choose Edit > Get Info.


    To subscribe to a calendar from a link on the Internet or an email you received, click the link. For example, you can subscribe to any of the holiday, sports, or other general calendars in the Calendar Library on the iCal website. To see what calendars are available in the iCal Calendar Library, choose Calendar > Find Subscriptions.

  • viking bear Level 1 (120 points)

    Jandcfox: Are you sure that you have set up iCloud on the Mac, iPad and IPhone to sync iCal calendars?

    Chockice: what you say is correct. A calendar that is shared in iCloud as a "private" calendar, will show up on and will sync to all other devices. A calendar that is shared in iCloud as a "public" calendar will not show up on It will however show up on iOS devices, but for some reason changes are not pushed. At least not on a reliable basis. You will find more details on this earlier in this thread

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    I have a real productivity isue with the current sharing options on iCal 5.02 which work fine for me on all platforms, Lion OS and OS5 on ipad, ipod and iphone.


    I can share a calendar with 6 senior colleagues to add/edit and manage BUT when I then wish to make it public for the rest of the team that subscription choice removes the sharing group edit capability. It is an either or choice, subscription and sharing being mutually exclusive which rather defeats the objective.


    My team can manage the calendars but not share them beyond the team by subscription or they can have subscription but only one editor. What reason could there be for this?


    Is this a permanent state of affairs or is this flexibility and enhanced capability likely to be facilitated in the near future?

  • viking bear Level 1 (120 points)

    I am not 100% sure, but I think it is "an either or choice" as you describe it. I agree with you, it should not be that way. Send feedback to Apple an make a request for the functionality you describe

  • MikeSpinks Level 1 (0 points)

    Feedback sent, staying with google for a while, gulp!

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    I subscribe to a calendar for my work schedule. It appears as a calendar on iMac, iPhone, iPad.  Newly added events are not showing up on any device.  I have set the refresh to every 5 minutes, manually refreshed, and even unsubscribed and resubacribed but the most recently added events are not showing up.  Any thoughts?

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    All - I had the same problem where a subscribed calendar wouldn't work with my iPhone or iPad. It turns out the feed was the problem. Not anything with the calendar (though it is more sensitive than iCal). See the following: ot%20showing%20on%20iphone#9791451

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    Thanks! Very helpful!

  • Kim Santos Hansen Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm still searching for the right solution to the problem.

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    I guess this is related. I struggled for quite some time to get my subscribed calendars to also show on and I found this piece of dissapointing info on




    • Subscriptions that you manually add on iOS devices will not push to iCloud;  you need to subscribe to calendars via either Calendar or iCal on OS X in order to push  those subscriptions to your other devices and computers.
    • and Microsoft Outlook will not display subscribed calendars pushed to iCloud.