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I have tried to change it to my newer 1 because my dad took my old one and isn't going to let me keep using it



I managed to get him to tell me the password but he is going to change it at a later date.   So i made a new account and added some money to it and now when i go to change what apple id is assigned to the game center account it says apple id is already in use it gets me to put my name in and my apple id password.  WHY ISN"T IT WORKING I NEED IT FOR A GAME I JUST BOUGHT

iPod touch
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    Try starting a game that has game center.

    Maybe it will help solve your problem.

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    no not really

    that doesn't work

    I am trying to change the apple id assigned to my game center account


    it keeps saying that it is already in use


    please explain your answer in more detale


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    Try this:

    1. Open the Game Center app.
    2. Choose "Me" at bottom.
    3. Scroll down
    4. Tap "Account: [youremail]@[youremailprovider.com]
    5. Tap "Sign out."
    6. Then sign in with whatever Apple ID you like.


    If this does not work, then there is an issue with your Apple ID account. It would need to be resolved by either

    1. removing any email addresses associated with your Apple ID that is also associated with another Apple ID [like your Dad's Apple ID] at appleid.apple.com [choose "Manage Your Apple ID"]
    2. by going through the Express Lane to revolve miscellaneous issues with your Apple ID expresslane.apple.com.


    Best of luck!