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Viru24 Level 1 (0 points)

My MacBook Pro has gone from  25 seconds from pressing the power button to the login screen, to  60 seconds in Lion after the latest Lion update.


Anyone else experience slow boot up time?


How do I reduce this boot up time?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • DAVID BUTT Level 1 (60 points)


    And yes I think it also has something bad with Outlook for Mac. I hear the h/disk  being written or explored for about two minutes after boot and I have now removed Oulook from my auto at login events. I am not that impressed so far as I also have 513 caledar events to deal with in Outlook and I understand I am unable to export my data  from Outlook to i Cal and Mac mail  although a prog was provided for the reverse.

    Overall I am finding Lion slower and a bit of a bother so to speak




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    Hi - I also have noticed this since upgrading from Snow Leopard.  This was one of the main things I loved about my iMac but its now nearly as slow as a pc to boot up...

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    it has got worse for me immdiately after 'upgrading' to icloud. boot up now lasts more than 5 minutes. have deleetd caches, run onyx and so on, but no joy.

    has anyone got  a solution please?

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    Are you still on 10.7.1? If so you might want to update to 10.7.2. I have a MacBook Pro and it actually boots a little faster by 5-8 secs. I also made sure I ran repair permissions from Disk Utilities fter the update and I only have 3 items that startup when I login.

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    Keg, it would take 20-25 sec to boot with 10.7.1...now its a minute after the update to 10.7.2 . I will try repair permissions ..About the startup items, should I 'uncheck' "open all windows" during shut down . Will that work? I'm a recent convert to Mac...thanks

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    Yes, I would uncheck the "open all windows......" whenever you restart/shutdown/logoff. It would help as far as getting to your desktop. I measure my boot time from the time I see the spinning wheel after hearing the startup chime to the login screen.


    The startup items I'm referring to are in System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items (next to Password). Check to see what is loading when you login.


    I'm also a recent Mac convert.   Oct/2010 is when I purchased my MacBook Pro.

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    Hi Folks. I've tried almost everything on this page. My boot time is somewhere now in the area of 5 minutes.  I have no idea why. I've tried cache cleaning, settings, login items, repairing permissions etc.  Really not sure what is going on.  I'm latest Lion on a vanilla iMac i3 21.5. No special or bizarre stuff running. Suspicious of hardware, but when the machine is up its lightening. Only boot time is slow as all heck.  Any diagnostics I can run to trace where the problem might be. Also is there a way to check out the hardware, just  in case. Can't find AHT anywhere. 

    Really close to calling Apple, or never turning my machine off again.  btw. Last update forced a restore as the machine would not reboot ever...No more updates either. Thanks, M