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I am not able to access Albums in my Camera Roll.  After I open up Camera, and click on the image in the bottom left hand corner to access my photos, it takes me directly into the photo that is shown in that corner.  Clicking on Camera Roll takes me to all of my photos, and at the top where I think I should have the ability to go to Albums, the grey bar merely allows me to choose from "All" "Photos" or "Videos."  Can't recall what the bar at the bottom is supposed to look like, so not sure if that is glitchy too.


I've quit the program and restarted my phone both conventionally and via a hard reset.  Any idea how to cure this?  Thanks.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    This is simply how Apple made the Camera app (this is a change compared to iOS 4.0, I beleive). If you want to view your ablums (or faces or places) you'd have to use the Photos app.

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    Ha.  Thanks.  Guess, I shouldn't try to mess with the phone before 8 am.

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    This is happening to me tooon my ipod touch. I click on photos and it goes to the white screen with the lines on it where the albums would be, then just closes out of photos. But when i click on camera, i click on saved photos in the corner and i can view all my photos from there. i am not able to put pictures on instagram or anything either. And every once in a while a message pops up saying 'not enough storage availabel go to settings to fix this' but i have like 2.3GB of space available. i have tried restting my ipod a few times but it doesnt do anyting.