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My iPhone 4S arrived this morning, and I set it up using the iCloud backup from my old 3GS that I made last night.


Whilst it was installing all my apps, I got three separate requests for an AppleID password in the usual AppStore login popup.


However, the username field was pre-filled with Apple IDs that weren't mine.


They were "a_toynton [at] yahoo.com", "cwoolwine [at] putnamschools.org" and "guillermogonzalezcoppe [at] hotmail.com"


None of these are my AppleID, and none are people I know. All but a few of my apps are registered in the same AppleID. The other apps are also registered to me, but to a different AppleID I created for the US AppStore.


I deleted the pre-filled AppleID each time and entered my own and the correct password, and it all continued as normal.


I've searched around, but can't find anything about this.


Does anyone know why my brand new iPhone would be requesting the password for AppleIDs that are nothing to do with me, whilst installing apps from my own iCloud backup?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)