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Normally iTunes is working alright... but everytime, if iTunes has an update, there are a lot of problems with it.


1.) The iTunes-Store cannot be found. You can see on the status monitor, that the programm is running, but after a while i can see a

error message, that "the url cannot be found".


2.) After the error message, the whole programm freeze - i can't close the programm (only the task manager can shout down iTunes because there is no reaction).


3.) After closing the programm via task-manager i cannot open for instance the internet explorer.


All this happens ONLY if there is an update for iTunes.


So everytime i have to uninstall the programm and install the latest version completely new. This *****.


I've deleted the dns-cache, i checked the firewall (port for iTunes) - everything is okay, but it doesn't work...

So... what can i do?????

iTunes, Windows XP
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    Is there nobody, who can help me????

    Even if i start iTunes, there is the message for a new update, but if i press the button "load update" or if i press the button "cancel" or the red " x " in the corner... it happens NOTHING...


    and after a long while, there is the message "url for itunes store can not be found".


    if i close the programm... everything is freeze... all programms except the iexplorer are running without error - but the internet-explorer can't be opend...


    soooo .... what can i do???