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  • mfarqwa Level 1 Level 1

    jcgrumman wrote:


    I don't undrstand how rotating the camera 180 degrees will solve anything except putting the "shutter button" on top. 


    Am I meant to respond to that...


    a) have you read any of my posts?




    b) are you asking me to repeat myself?


    Please choose a) or b) (please note: you cannot choose both)

  • mfarqwa Level 1 Level 1

    jcgrumman wrote:


    Without changing the software there is only one foolproof way to hold the camera and avoid potential issues. 


    Yes. And that's to hold it upside down to the way Apple now want you to hold it.

    jcgrumman wrote:


    I took a bunch of pictures and videos of my girls (6,8) skiing and held the camera either; home button down...


    That would be sideways

    jcgrumman wrote:


    ...or home button to the right.


    That would be right way up for the internal camera but upside down to the way Apple now want you to hold it.

    jcgrumman wrote:


    The latter pictures and videos are fine.


    That's because you held it right way up for the internal camera but upside down to the way Apple now want you to hold it.

    jcgrumman wrote:


    The former are rotated 90 degrees.


    That's because you held it sideways.


    jcgrumman wrote:


    I wouldn't send a friend or business associate an email in a foriegn language and expect him to get an interpreter to read it. 


    Neither would I. I'm not exactly sure where you're going with that... nor your whole response come to think of it...

  • jcgrumman Level 1 Level 1

    mfarqua, I went back and re-read the entire forum.  This is my first iphone so I am trying to come up to speed.  I have learned that holding the iphone upright with one hand is actually sideways, which is a bummer because when your skiing backwards holding two sets of poles in your left hand, it's your best option for taking videos(fingers not near lense, nice and stable). 


    Another thing I have learned is that what you see is not necessarily what you are sending (you hold the phone upright, the image is presented to you upright but it is actually stored and sent sideways) - good to know.  I will make sure to take all my pictures with the phone sideways (upright), upside down (rightside up), with the lense on the lower left corner,  so that my  72 year old mother and her incompetent software can view her grandkids pictures and videos properly.


    I have read that EXIF data is not used with video.  How did my friends video software autimatically correct a sideways video his daughter sent him?


    Do you agree that if you intentionally take a photo upside down, and the apple software automatically flips it upright, that this is not what a "high tech" camera would do?



    FWIW; Being a new iphone owner I am going to google "death grip" so I don't hold the phone wrong and ruin its awesome reception.

  • mfarqwa Level 1 Level 1

    jcgrumman wrote:


    I have read that EXIF data is not used with video.  How did my friends video software autimatically correct a sideways video his daughter sent him?


    That's something you'll need to ask Apple because the wiki page mentions 'no video support' (which I've already posted but I'll post it again: - Section 5 Problems, 5th point) and the Spec doesn't mention video (, so...


    jcgrumman wrote:


    Do you agree that if you intentionally take a photo upside down, and the apple software automatically flips it upright, that this is not what a "high tech" camera would do?


    I don't know. I don't own a high tech camera. This has nothing to do with the points I'm making.


    But I think I know what you're getting at (correct me if I'm wrong). You're saying that a high tech camera will also flip the picture? Probably??? I'm not disputing that. To link into the point I'm making, I'm disputing that the picture taken upside down with the hitech camera will have an EXIF rotation of 180, not 0. The iphone says 0 when taken upside down. Try it for yourself ( The exif info is upside down, the internal camera is upside down. How can you blame other software for not conforming to a spec that you are not conforming to properly? Fix all that, THEN you can blame Windows for not conforming. These type threads will then diminish for all pictures taken upright. When this is fixed you'll still get threads popping up saying I held my iphone 'this way' but it shows up sideways. This is when you can explain how exif works and say Windows needs to comply.


    But (and now I'm going to repeat myself), a standard camera is made to be used a certain way, ie if you hold it upright, you're taking upright pictures. If you hold it sideways, you're taking sideways pictures etc. The iphone can be held different ways,but THEY ADVERTISE IT AS BEING UPRIGHT WHEN THE VOLUME BUTTON IS ON TOP AND USED AS THE SHUTTER BUTTON. This is it's upright position. EXIF should say 0, but it says 180. If on the other hand Apple wanted us to take photos with the phone in it's 'calling' position, ie home button on bottom, then exif should say 0 in that position, etc etc.


    Having said all that I do have an old Sony DSC-W1, which is at least 5 years old now and is NOT a high tech camera (by that I assume you meant a current SLR??), but is 5.1 mp??? I flipped it upside down and the picture shows upside down (in the viewer). It takes the pic upside down and when run through the exif viewer (regex link above), the orientation says 'Horizontal (normal)'. When I take a picture the right way up, the orientation still says Horizontal (normal). If I take it sideways it also says Horizontal (normal). I don't think it uses the exif orientation format, that's how old it is, but at least its internal camera is not upside down when held upright.

  • The Hidden Wizard Level 1 Level 1

    I dont think its much to ask to have the pictures come out the correct way.. at the end of the day all the people that say it is not apples fault are wrong, of course it is apples fault, you buy a phone, you take a picture, you expect it to come out the correct way up, what ever way you take the picture normally or using the volume button the picture is not correct and this should be correct..


    This is my first Iphone and im relly disapointed with the whole 'package'

  • Vasche Level 1 Level 1

    I find it quite idiotic that vast majority of pictures I take I have to rotate so that I understand what's on them when looking at them in Windows Explorer. That's my two cents. Whoever in Apple has made that decision is an idiot. Just saying. I don't care for your ******** explanations here. It's just idiotic, that's all.

  • The Hidden Wizard Level 1 Level 1

    Completely agree, could not say it better myself, i paid $850 for the 4s my first Iphone and if they have a feature where you can use the volume buttons to take a picture then you should be able to see that picture correctly on a PC, you can skate over whether its Apples or Microsoft fault or the Ex whatver aint correct, but it just boils down to $850 paid and the photos are upside down..


    For my first Iphone im really disapointed, its amazing how many little things you just expect from a phone are not implimented for instance not being able to actually move pictures of a camera roll to folders from the phone, thats just bad form man, and i cannot see a way to put my own pic as background also.. these things should be standard....


    And for the battery, please dont get me started on the battery, i can tell you now if the battery problem isnt fixed on 5.1 then i will sell it and go back to a Blacklberry..

  • gary127 Level 1 Level 1

    What’s UP?  I am a software developer sitting back reading these blogs go on and on and on.  A phone manufacturer made a phone that takes pictures and by the looks of the phone you can take a picture about any darn way you want, right?  Some time back they solved an issue with clocking while writing images into perspective.  As developers often do they decided to push the problem on down the line to make themselves look better.  In a normal capitalistic world we would seize these opportunities to make ourselves not be left the odd one out and someone would make sure their software would read that UP indicator and presto they are no longer the weakest link.  Not this time though this whole thing, just like the FLASH deal got distorted and no one is stepping up to address it.  I think Microsoft and Apple need to stop this because us consumers are getting tired of it all.  If you go to a volleyball game and you see the ball land between two players on the floor all night long, do you think you will want to go back next week to see them play?  Knock it off kids and get back to work!

  • Mike95 Level 1 Level 1

    pictures and video upside down must be an issue with the latest iOS update.  In my case, I went on vacation and sent pictures and video's to friends via email and all attachments appeared upside down.  When I import them into iPhoto they are in the correct orientation.  I suspect this to be either a bug in the mail program or a bug in the Exhchange interface -- as I have my mail connected via the Exchange (two accounts).

  • gavo360 Level 1 Level 1

    A work around this problem is use the camera+ app and save the pics (taken with the volume button on the top) to lightbox then move to camera roll. If you use camera+ to save straight to camera roll then they still end upside down on win7.

  • Guysplace Level 1 Level 1

    iOS 5.1 did not fix the upside down photo or video problem. They look correct on the iPhone but when taken off are upside down. Apple recommends and Advertise's to use the volume controls on top as a shutter button but then doesn't correct the pictures or video when they are taken off by iCloud or USB to a PC.

  • lrm100 Level 1 Level 1

    Second that, Andrea.  IT IS A BUG.


    I just updated--my Camera is a disaster.  Yes, I know how to turn (and position) the Camera now. However, every photo I take is UPSIDE DOWN in the Camera Roll OR Photo Stream. I an experiencing this even though I do not load pics onto any other computer--it's simply viewing on my iPhone. Even worse, a number of my Apps (Weather Underground, for example) are now ALSO now upside down.  Has anyone here experienced these serious orientation problems after this update?  I've read the 'Manual' and its as if it doesn't exist.  However, if I leave the Apple site, customer complaints about orientation abound...


    Any advice at all about how to get this corrected is much appreciated!


    Thank you!




  • steelcurt Level 1 Level 1

    Glad to see my upside down pic problem wasn't operator error LOL!  I couldn't begin to speak to all of the technical issues here as I don't know the first thing about it.  What I do know though after my own very amateur testing is that if I want to take successful pics and videos with this brand new iphone so most of the rest of the world can view them properly in their email I can only hold the camera ONE WAY and that's horizontal with the volume buttons on the lower left side ie, upside down from the way Apple says you should use it.  I tested it in all positions using both the cam button and the volume button to take pics and videos and the button I used to take the shots made no difference.  In every case I needed to hold the phone upside down. 


    The other thing I noticed on the vids is that if the vid was taken with the phone right side up as advertised it appears upside down in the email if opened with Win media player but if opened with Quicktime it appears right side up.  As a previous poster commented everyone's life would be simpler if Apple and Microsfoft would just stop all the BS with one another.  Until then I'll just keep shooting my pics upside down             

  • Gigi1129 Level 1 Level 1

    Are there any lawyers out there?  Could we possibly get up a class action law suit against Apple.  Seriously, I am a first time grandmother who bought this phone to take pics and videos of my new granddaughter.  This thing with the videos being upside down is a deal breaker for me.  I was one of the first to purchase the iphone 4S and I feel like I have waited long enough for a fix.  I thought the newest update would fix the problem.  As stated above, it did not.  I seriously want my money back.  I had no idea Apple cared so little for their customers. Apple should fix this problem regardless,  I have read all of the posts in this thread and I think we have enough people here that we could get up a class action law suit if we could find a lawyer willing to help us.  If they arent going to fix it then they should at least offer us our money back since you cannot hold the camera upright as it is advertised using the up volume button to take pictures and videos and have them appear right side up on a Windows computer.  If they don't plan a fix then it should be advertised, not compatible with Windows 7, etc.  To think I was considering buying a mac because of the extra security and less hacking.  No way now.  I just don't trust Apple to update any flaws.  I hope I am not breaking any of the rules writing this post.  I am new to this and downright furious with Apple for continuing to say there is NOT a problem. 

  • Pluto90 Level 1 Level 1

    yup, i have the same problem


    when emailed they show up upside-down and when i uploaded pics onto my (mac) comp i tried to rotate them all in Preview and save them so i could put them all into a PPT right-side-up and they still came in upside-down! it was very frustrating

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