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  • Jimbo435 Level 1 Level 1

    I have iphone 4 and mac.  Not sure why this is the way it is, but when I take picture, it is right side up on phone, when I email them to my mac, right side up.  When I save them, right side up.  When I upload them to yahoo to post on website, UPSIDE DOWN. 


    Here's my fix.  I open the file with preview (which appears rightside up), and rotate it using command-L.  Then I save, then I rotate again with command-R.  Then I save.  when I upload this file to yahoo to post on website, it appears correctly.  rotating in Preview must reset EXIF tag, but not sure.  Don't care.  I rarely post on web.


    Hope this helps someone.



  • Vincent_From_Florida Level 1 Level 1
    Apple TV

    NO HELP FROM iOS 5.1.1

    Well, if we were expecting a fix for the upside down photo problem in the next iOS fix from Apple, keep waiting.


    New 5.1.1 software update; same old problem.

  • crimedog73 Level 1 Level 1

    I have had this same issue ever since getting my 4S, but didn't look into it until today. Never had it with all previous models. I only read a couple of posts on this thread, so excuse me if some of my info is redundant. The fix, at least for me, is to take pictures with the volume buttons down. Then, the pictures come out right side up. Not sure if it will work for everybody, but it works for me. And, come to think of it, when I took pictures with all of my previous iPhones in landscape mode, the volume keys would have been down; because that's what was comfortable for me. When I got the ability to use the volume button, I immediately started taking pictures like it was a camera, with the buttons up; in which the phone is now upside down as opposed to what is used to be. I guess that's why the pictures are upside down. Hadn't thought of that until today. Hope this helps others.

  • steelcurt Level 1 Level 1

    crimedog.  I posted the same thing in one of the very early pages of this now "19" page thread.  As you eluded to it's not just the 4S either.  I tested my wife's and son's iPhone 4 and got the same result.  Volume buttons down is the only way to produce a rightside up pic or video.  I'm living with it but it's a royal pain that you can't take any pics holding the phone in the verticle position which is typically just 2nd nature for anyone taking a quick pic on the fly.  The camera was not a major priority for me when I purchased this phone.  If it had been I'd have returned it for a refund as soon as I encountered the issue.  It just amazes me that Apple has remained totally silent about this as if the issue doesn't even exist.  Typical Apple arrogance.

  • Vasche Level 1 Level 1

    -- Can you please take a picture of us?.. Thanks so much, just press the plus button... No-no, please hold it upside down and press it with your left thumb, otherwise it's going to be upside down... Yes, I know... Yes, ********, I know, I'm sure they'll fix it some day...

  • crimedog73 Level 1 Level 1

    @steelcurt - I figured someone had already discovered and covered that. That's why I said excuse me if I'm being redundant. I agree with you. Apple is just an arrogant company. They will only acknowledge/fix a problem if they think that it will affect sales. At least that's the way that I see it.

  • crimedog73 Level 1 Level 1

    @Vashe - That was funny as he!!. I was at my desk at work laughing when I read your reply. I agree that one should not have to hold the phone a particular way, but I've learned the hard way that just about all phones nowadays seem to have quirks. For me, having an iPhone is picking the lesser of two evils and am choosing to live with it's quirks and do what ever I have to, to try to work around them.

  • Gigi1129 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes and unfortunately for me the camera and video were exactly why I bought the phone. As I mentioned before I always have my phone with me but don't always have my camera. Since there have been two updates since Apple became aware of the problem, I am not holding my breathe to expect them to fix it. When my contract runs out, I am just going to look for another good camera smart phone and do a little more research next time. I talked 10 of my friends out of getting this 4 S and they are very happy with their alternative choices so that is the way I will go next time. I always say if the camera/video is important to you don't get the iPhone. Otherwise, it's a great phone. Most people want both, especially those with small children and grandchildren.

  • chivalryx Level 1 Level 1

    Strangely video comes out right side up.  It's just photos that are messed up.  When posting to places like Facebook, directly from the phone, the pictures also come out the correct way.  Strange.

  • steelcurt Level 1 Level 1

    Vids I shoot on my phone are upside down just like pics as is the case with most folks who posted in this thread so if yours aren't you're the exception.

  • chivalryx Level 1 Level 1

    I wonder if it's because I'm playing the vids back in Quicktime since it's an Apple product, even though it's on a Windows 7 machine.  Tried it twice and the vids are right side up.

  • steelcurt Level 1 Level 1

    Who knows?  Give it shot with Windows media and see what happens.  If that's the case it's still screwed up.

  • chivalryx Level 1 Level 1

    Hm, tried recording in different orientations and the video still comes out correctly.  No idea why.  Pictures still only come out correctly when the camera is held with volume buttons down though.  Very annoying...


    I agree, typical Apple arrogance, make the world learn to catch up to your choices (like no flash) instead of making life easier for your users...

  • Guysplace Level 1 Level 1

    I beleive the problem of upside down pictures and also videos is a bug in the iPhone. Because if they are viewed in the iPhone they are corrected. So then when the phone sends then out via iCloud, photo stream they should come out in the correct orientation. Apple needs to fix this.

  • mfarqwa Level 1 Level 1

    My Proposal to Apple


    First, my proposal below does not take into account whether it is battery or processor intensive. That's for Apple to iron out.


    Second, I say this as a layperson, not as a programmer, even though I have dabbled. But I'm sure the right person could program the following or similar.



    In order to fix the updside down issue, I have come up with the following. Feel free to add more or explain to me why I am wrong:


    Step 1.

    Write some code that rotates the internal camera 180 degrees before taking photos or video.


    Step 2.

    Make sure that the exif information, from now on, corresponds according to step 1.


    Step 3.

    Write code that when launched after the update, goes through your existing camera roll and searches for photo and video with exif data saying 180* and change it to 0. If it says 0 already, leave it alone.


    If they use an IF statement that uses the date of the update, then this will affect all photo and video BEFORE this date only, and therefore all future photo/vid will NOT be affected by this code.


    Step 3a.

    Go 1 step further and offer to ignore this step for people who don't want to do it (don't know why they woudn't??), by offering a few pop ups giving an explanation of what is about to happen and offering NEXT/CONTINUE or IGNORE and DON'T ASK AGAIN options, a bit like the recent change to the appstore where Apple asked you to setup up more security features by following prompts on the phone.


    Step 3b.

    Go another step further and fix all exif data in the other 2 orientations also, not that it would make any difference, but if we're going to be thorough...


    Step 4. (This is for the millions who don't know this is happening until it's too late)

    Write code to show warning messages when taking photo/vid when not held as advertised so that it flashes on the screen before you take the pic/vid.


    Step 4a.

    Offer to 'not show this agian' and/or at least be able to turn this feature on/off in the camera settings.


    After this or similar features are implemented, then if you decide to take photos or vid in a different orientation, then that's up to you and you should not be complaining if your pics/vid are not upright.


    * I say 180 because that's what the exif information says in my previous post. The actual EXIF standard uses image orientation viewed in terms of rows & columns by using numbers 1-8 (page 30 onwards in the spec). I don't know what Apple uses to record orientation information as there is no exif for Video but Apple seems to have made up their own for video that seems to be working across all Apple products.


    Feel free to comment.

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