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    Macoates thanks. I'll work on this with the app you mention. I may not have described the problem as accurately as was required. First I dont have windows. I sync to my MacbkPro with Mountain Lion in iPhoto. About how I use the camera : Most of the pix I am having trouble with are with the camera looking down - as in copying artwork , home button to the right. I dont have as much trouble taking normal pictures landscape or portrait. There are instances when the sync is rotated. Mostly the rotation occurs when the camera is flat tho.


    I can batch rotate in iphoto, in the event with Command R. I'll report back in after I try the app. 

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    Now before I begin I would like to say that I am also annoyed by this problem, however rather than waste time moaning about it (which to be frank, is childish!) i've fed it back to Apple as a bug and even got a nice thank you of one of the software engineers for it.


    Now on to this consumer protection lark.


    Question: Did Apple on sale say "this phone can take photographs"

    Answer: Yes

    Does it: Yes


    Question: Did Apple say at ANY point before your during you purpose "when you import to a computer they would appear the right way up"

    Answer: No


    My point is, while it is an annoying bug and by all respects something that should be simple common sense I really don't think consumer protection laws apply here, no matter how strict they are.


    The law is there to protect the consumer if a product is advertised as doing something and it cannot. In this case the phone can take photos and videos fine so not fit for purpose is totally incorrect.





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    I am a long term Apple fan and can't say how much I enjoy all of my "i" devices.  I know a lot of people who don't and are constantly pushing Android in my face.  It is funny that it is always that way and never the opposite.  I never feel the urge to prove a point with my Apple device.  Maybe it is because I am happy with my choice and don't have anything to prove to my Android friends.    Nevertheless, I am embarrassed for Apple on this issue.  I have read the reasons behind the issue and they make sense, but for what reasons.  I am a photographer and I can take my Canon images and place them on any device, computer, tables, phone and they always display the they were intended to display.  The problem is when you quickly take a photo and don't pay attention to how you are holding the phone, you have no idea the current orientation of your photo without reviewing it on a PC.  So any time you are sending an image to someone, you have a 75% chance it will be a point of embarrassment.  Either for your poor presentation abilities or poor choice in hardware.


    All explanations aside, I can't believe this is not a recognized bug and fixed long ago.


    PS - I don't dare send a photo to my Android friends from my iPhone 5.

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    If your picture is upside down in your Craigslist ad then edit the picture on your computer to be upside down and it will show up right side up in Craigslist.  The same if it's sideways just make it the opisite direction on your computer.

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    There is a story, forgive me I didn't read all the posts, but where a truck gets stuck under a bridge. Police and fire queried how to get it out for hours. And a little girl says. Why don't you let the air out of the tires.  There's another story where NASA spent thousands, millions? On a pen that would work in space.. The Russians used a pencil.....  I turned my phone over and used my left thumb to push the plus button and sent the photos and all is well.  Yes a update to correct the problem would be great... The iPhone 4S is great, perfect.. Well we could all go android or bb or Ms.  Mono thanks. 999 out of thousand is pretty good. 

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    Your reference to those stories implies that the "solution" is somehow discoverable or obvious from looking at the phone.  It isn't.  In fact, the design of the phone encourages people to take pictures in a way that will reveal the defect and cause problems.  There is no "common sense" that the user needs to exercise here; it's Apple that needs to use common sense and encode the pictures right-side-up.

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    Thank you Stoke !  Not to mention who wants to take every picture and video holding the phone in a horizontal position because any vertical shots end up appearing sideways to the recipient.  I see we're now up to 27 pages on this issue.  I'm wondering how many pages you have to reach before somebody at Apple actually recognizes there's a problem?  The only conclusion I can draw at this point is they simply don't give a rats .......... !

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    Well 4s has been out for a while fix doesn't seem to be on its way.  I turned over the phone take pics with the phone upside down and the pc folk I send them to come out correct.   Yes 2 years and 27 pages.....    Obvious. I turned the phone over and it worked... Steelcut yes vertical *****  I use my left thumb upside down horizontal  but I don't have to edit them before i send them anymore.  


    Anyway enjoy.

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    Hi I have found that if I turn on the HDR option before taking a photo the picture arrives the right way up on windows or HTC phone. To save having to do this each tome you turn on the camera, go to settings, tap on Photos & Camera, go to last option and turn off the keep normal photo switch.

    Take a photo and give it a try.


    Hope it works for you

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    It might be tough for some, but I think I have found the solution.  There are actually a few choices.


    1. Buy Android
    2. Jail Break it - I'm sure someone in that community has figured out a solution
    3. As I am not a fan of either of the first 2 options this works best for me. - If you are able to figure out at what time these options are best for you:
      1. Stand on your head.
      2. Lay on your side


    I find 3 works best for me.  I am so glad I upgraded to the iPhone 5 from is awesome being on the cutting edge.  When friends respond to the photos I send them and say, "what the.... is that?".  I like to tell them, "why that is the cutting edge right there, Mr.  Are you ever missing out, you Android lover you."


    I will never buy an Apple TV if it ever comes.  I just don't think I could stand on my head for an entire show.

  • Stokestack Level 1 Level 1

    Merv, that just proves you're a narrow-minded Apple hater.



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    Instead of making a big fuss about rotation and extra encoding time when the picture is being saved, why not just re-encode the picture(s) on the fly when you have to send them out of the phone, ie: post to website, email etc.


    That way you can still save photos super-fast with EXIF rotation info, and the extra half a second it takes to re-save the picture "right way up" and set EXIF rotation back to zero makes practically no difference at all when you're sending an email, etc.


    Problem solved for everyone.


    Now off you go Apple, and code this into the next iOS update please.

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    No, what solves the problem for everyone is simply writing the image right-side-up.  Why should there be any tagging at all?  The images you see on Web sites aren't tagged; they're simply written correctly.


    There's no "extra encoding time."  The file would still be written one time, right after you take it.  The difference is that the pixels should be written in the correct order.


    Re-encoding on the fly would not work, and wouldn't make sense even if it could.  Why re-encode the picture every time you use it, instead of simply writing it correctly the first time?

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    Hey there - I am new to this conversation but apparently y'all have been kicking this issue around for a while.

    So... I am not sure what the fix is for all the photos taken and already downloaded.  Is there one?  Is there one for the "upside down" videos my hubby took as well?


    If there is no fix for items already downloaded, is there a fix before we take them off of the (lovely, wonderful, blinkety blank !!#^*!!) iPhone 4s?


    Please - just one simple fix?  If there is one?  (In the meantime my husband has learned a valuable lesson. Sigh...)

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    Try some software that does lossless JPEG rotation.  Here's one for Windows.


    I'm confident that there's one out there for Mac too.