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Does anyone out there know an email address from Apple Customer complaints.... trawled through the websites and I can find every other contact detail apart from a complaint one!

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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    Try looking a bit harder.
    Note you will NOT receive anything back.
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    Chris, Thanks but I did find this page. I don't want to give feedback I want to 'COMPLAIN' about something hence my question.... does anyone know of an email address for Apple Customer Complaints..... most large international companies have a department that deals with customer complaints / satisfaction issues... its an integral part of the business... making sure your CUSTOMERS are satisfied.
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    A complaint IS feedback.
    Do you want to simply moan & groan at someone or do you want something specific such as replacement, money back, etc?

    If you want your money back, ask whereever you purchased the product.
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    Chris, I want to send Apple an email regarding a satisfaction issue I have. The feedback form is not the correct tool as I require a reply. With every other comapny I know of there is a department that deals with customer satisfaction issues, where they will deal with you as an individual and offer a reply. I work for a large international company and customer satisfaction is extremely high on our focus and a great deal of resource is spent on ensuring that our customers are indeed satisfied and always dealt with.

    I thank you again for your comments, but can I offer a word of advice. I read the forums most days and post replies when I feel my response would be productive. I see you also post replies and I would say the vast majority of your posts are extremely helpful but some can come across as rather condescending.
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    I suggest if you have an issue which needs to be "complained" about, you email, write or speak directly to someone wherever you purchased your item.
    That would be far better than dealing with someone at corporate HQ, who has no idea of your purchase/issue is about.

    some can come across as rather condescending.
    Okay. I'm not here for any awards though.
    90% of the questions posted in these forum could be answered if people would simply open paper that comes with their hardware or go to the main support page.
    "How do I Reset my iPod?" C'mon. This is the 1st thing posted on the iPod support page.
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    Its a hard road to find a person to speak with you regarding a product, especially when a company sells SO many of the product.

    My suggestion is to speak with the Apple support on the phone and ask to speak with a supervisor, ask them where a complaint can be lodged. Sending complaints by email may not get you the result you desire. Snail mail to the office of the President or Vice President of customer service makes more of an impact.

    So if email is your only outlet, Chris is likely correcrt, its very unlikely anyone will relpy.

    Also, Chris is a shill, and a caustic one at that. He sometimes has correct advice, but it comes dripping with sarcasm and anger.
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    A shill?
    From Wikipedia:
    "A shill is an associate of a person selling goods or services, who pretends no association to the seller and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer. The intention of the shill is, using crowd psychology, to encourage other potential customers, unaware of the set-up, to purchase said goods or services. Shills are often employed by confidence artists."

    I have nothing to do with Apple except I own some of their products. If they have been sending me checks, I sure haven't been getting them.

    If your disatisfied with a company, get rid of of their products. Don't simply come here and tell everyone the stuff is crap.

    As far as the anger/sarcasm, whatever...
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    OK, I'll try the customer support method..... I have apple care so they won't try and charge me more.

    I think this thread is now done so thanks to all. Chris, chill out you'll end up making yourself ill. Remember not everyone on the planet is blessed with being a genius and a lot of 1st timers like the warm fuzzy feeling of someone with experience giving them advice / answers to there questions...... without feeling degraded with sarcasm.
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    Good luck!
    Hope you get an answer to what you're looking for.