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    The thing with the logs is, they can diseappear before the appointment. What I did was. I touched the panic.plist entry, the log then appeared on the screen. I then touched the screen and select all appeared, I then selected all and chose copy. I then pasted it into an email and sent it to myself. I read the email on my PC and printed it off. I'm pleased I did this because by the time my appointment came the log had cleared itself.

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    I got a 4S 16Gb on the day it was released and had no problems until I got an iPad 2. I was syncing them both over wifi to the same computer and my 4S started shutting itself down and giving me panic.plist errors in the diagnostics. Before doing a restore, I decided to look for a different solution. I quit syncing the 4S over wifi and set it up to sync over the cable. I haven't had a problem with the 4S since I made the change. (Fingers are crossed.) I hope this is a permanent fix and is also helpful to someone out there.

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    I got the same issue but I couldn't find any PANIC.PLIST errors on the logs. My 4S is like a week old. I followed your suggestion by disabling iCloud backup and use cable backup by using itunes. Should I restore it? Or try to observe it for now if it shutdown again by itself.



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    Lordba2ssia wrote:




    I got the same issue but I couldn't find any PANIC.PLIST errors on the logs.


    Its important though to check the log soon after the shutdown as in my experience the log gets cleared after a day or so, or after a charge of the battery. The next time you have the random shutdown, note the time and date of it happening, then look in the log for an event that corresponds with that date and time.


    If it continues (considering you have only had you 4S a week or so) I would make an Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store.

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    I did not do a restore. If the trouble had continued, that would have been my next step. So far, I have had no further problems with my phone since I switched to the cable sync - no shutdowns and no panic.plist errors.


    I agree 100% with tal1971 that you should take your 4S to the Apple Store if it continues. Especially since the phone is only a week old.

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    Hey I saw your situation simaler to mine! When I first got the iphone 4s it told me to turn on Icloud as I did but couple days later it acted up and started shutting down on me few times so I did a reset without restoring and it told me to turn on Icloud and I did the same so a day later it shutdown on me so I figure if I change things I turned off Icloud and some others and it was working great for a week and 3 days later stupid me I had to turn back on Icloud and it started going haywire a day later after I turned Icloud on! so I figure it might have to do with the wifi issues clashing with the reg and the phone goes doesn't know whats going on so it goes to panic mode Im guessing as it is lol! but yea! Hows your Iphone?

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    My phone is still good - no shutdowns or problems. Let me clarify for you. I am still backing up to iCloud, but I am syncing to iTunes by cable. I hope this is helpful.

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    First I tried disabling the iCloud and enable the iTunes backup, then it crashed again that night without any PANIC thingy on the diagnostics. After that scenario, I've immediately restored the phone and setup as a new iPhone without restoring the last backup. iCloud backup was disabled as well.


    That step was my last option and I'm crossing my fingers that it would resolve the crazy issue. Fortunately, it's been 2 days without any hicups. Im still monitoring the phone every morning if it will shutdown agian. Hopefully not because I'm based in ME and it's difficult to return this unit to Apple US just to exchange.


    I hope your phone is working fine now. Itunes backup is no biggie for as long as the phone is working. But im thinking that it's a software issue because it's only happening if iCloud back up is enabled. I hope it will get fixed on the next IOS update. Keep me posted dude! Thanks again!

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    ****... my phone shutdown again early morning today! I dont know what the **** is wrong with it. I've checked the diagnostics and I couldnt find any PANIC.PLIST.


    I'm in the middle east and it's hard to return the phone to US to have it replace. Anymore suggestions? I'm desperate! Starting to hate this 4s.


    I've got my 3gs for a few years and it never had this issue. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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    When I was looking for a way to fix my phone, one of the suggestions was to delete any apps that were installed right before the trouble started and do a hard reset. At this point it might be worth a try. If that doesn't work I would send it back.


    I had a 3GS prior to the 4S too. I assumed that the 4S would have most of these kinds of problems fixed since it is an upgrade and not a redesign. Very frustrating!

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    Hi getting the same problem iPhone 4s shutting down for the first time

    On the phone this morning to apple tech support he says it's a software

    Problem and apple know about it if it was a hardware problem He told me

    It would show up a gear symbol and the backlight would be dim.

    Don't know if that's true but no problems since.

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    I bought my iPhone 4s 16GB the day it released and It's been 4 months. It was working properly until a few days ago which I noticed that I shuts down automatically when the power goes down 20%.

    Has anyone had such an experience? please tell me what to do?

    Also I wanted to know how you guys get a replacement? I am in US but the complimentary warranty period of 90 days is over. I should go on the Apple Care Plan to get a replacement.

    Thank you

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    for anyone that is getting the random Iphone 4/4s shut-offs to black locked screen glitch - chances are you are using windows, do a restore on a mac and the problem is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    the problem is with the Windows version of Itunes


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    for anyone that is getting the random Iphone 4/4s shut-offs to black locked screen glitch - chances are you are using windows, do a restore on a mac and the problem is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wrong dude.. I got the 4S within the first week of release and had the random shut-downs within a month, Apple told me to restore it (I have a macbook pro bought in summer 2011), so I did, and that worked till a few days ago it shut down randomly again and the PANIC.PLIST was there in the diagnostics. So.. having a mac to restore your iPhone 4S does not make a difference.

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