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    What if I'm out of warranty? would they replace it for free

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    i had a same problem with my ipad 4th generation. i did everything to solve problem but they didn't work. finally i mailed it to my friend this week. today, he went to apple store in Australia. Genius Bar checked the panic.plist error and then he replaced my ipad with new one without any hesitation. its defenately hardware issue.

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    Genius Bar said that if my ipad were out of warranty, i should pay 299$. its 659$ originally.

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    I was skeptical about restoring my iphone 4s to "factory whatever." It didn't work the first time I did so because when my phone asked me to set up my phone after restoring it, I chose to have it load the last backup I did which was in icloud. This made my iphone act just like it had been.


    A few weeks later I reset it again and deleted my backup. Then when it asked me to load a backup I chose no. Now it works like it never used to shut off, freesze or overheat. I could not believe it! Hope this helps someone elese because I was close to buying a new phone.

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    Well I got mine on thursday - 4s and put ios 7 on it and it shuts down whenever it wants to and have to connect it to my macpro for it to come on again and then it shows 35 or 73% batt life..  *****.  Company phone so can't complain loudly but it looks like Apple does not care at all.   We will see at the Apple store tomorrow.  I am going to complain.. Loudly.  It is unusable. It has shut down 7 times in two days.


    How dare you APPLE for ignoring all of us.  This is all over the web.

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