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Is my older MacBook Pro with the Intel core duo processor compatible with iCloud? This machine cannot run OS 10.7 Lion because it doesn't have the core 2 duo processor. I'm running Snow Leopard.  My problem is I already upgraded my MobileMe account to iCloud on my iMac desktop (running Lion) and my iPhone 4 (iOS 5). All my data is now in the cloud and I'm unable to sync to the MacBook Pro. I think I know the answer... and it's not good.

Solved by Tiger Karl on Oct 24, 2011 7:05 PM Solved

I found this solution for syncing iCal on another thread:



Pass this to all.  icloud  and ical works with snow lepoard.



Go to iCal preferences.




Set up new account.




Account Type:  CalDAV




User Name:  Your MobileMe / iCloud email address




Password:  Your password for above




Server Address:  p06-caldav.icloud.com