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Anyone having the same problem as me with bookmarks not working?


When reading a book and I want to pause, I tap the bookmark icon at the top of the page. It doesn't place the bookmarked icon on the page (i.e. the red "ribbon" doesn't appear), I can tap it a bunch of times, no red ribbon. However, if I tap on the "bookmarks" navigation icon, I see a bunch of bookmarks set on the page I wanted. THEN, if I nagivate back to the page I bookmarked, the red ribbon is there. Finally, if I get rid of the red ribbon on the page by tapping on it, then tap on the bookmark again, I get the red ribbon. I guess I shouldn't care about this, but the whole purpose of the red ribbon on the page is to let the user know the bookmark has actually been set.

iPad 2, iOS 5