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I have a 3rd generation iPod touch. I just downloaded the IOS 5.0, I seem to have all the features (reader, notification center, newsstand, etc.), but I recently experienced a problem.


After getting the update and restoring my iPod, iTunes started reinstalling all my music, apps, and videos. It reinstalled all my apps last, and before that, I used iTunes to delete a lot of them and organize them into folders. I then re synced it. Midway through this, I had to leave, but I had heard that I could sync my iPod wirelessly if it was connected to wifi and an outlet, so I checked the little box and tried this. However, I then got the error message "iTunes cannot sync apps to the iPod '______' because the apps installed on the iPod could not be determined". All my songs, videos, and 5,800 photos are on there, but half my apps are fully synced and usable, while the other half shows up with a loading bar at the bottom saying "waiting".


Yes, I have the "Sync Apps" box ticked.

Yes, my computer is authorized.

Yes, I have verified that all the apps are in my iTunes.

Yes, I tried plugging my iPod back into iTunes and manually syncing it.


I would simply restore it and resync again, but the majority of my photos aren't on my computer, so if I did that, they would be gone. After I installed the IOS 5.0, and my iPod was restored, it automatically put all my photos back. If someone can tell me whether or not this is something that's automatic whenever you restore your iPod (whether it be manually from iTunes or from an update), that would also be greatly appreciated.


However, what I'm looking for is simply a way to get my other 80+ apps back in working order without having to restore my iPod or anything too complicated.

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    I tried restarting my iPod... now it just says that the iPod cannot be synced because the required disk cannot be found.


    This update is seriously frustrating. I've heard from a lot of people that the wifi iTunes sync isn't working either.