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Ok So I have an iMac, two iphones, and a mac book air in the house.  The mac book and iphones can connect to my chinese tp-link router, and connect to the internet wirelessly just fine.  The iMac however, everytime I tried to connect to the internet via the Wi-Fi signal through the tp-link router, the wifi signal on the very top right hand corner of the screen has an exclamation mark on the wifi bar, and it says Alert: No Internet Connection.  The ethernet works fine connected directly to the iMac, and I can access internet via ethernet wire setting, but not wifi-setting from my tp-link router.


What I've narrowed it down to:


It is not the problem with the router, because it is configured so that every device I've tried, except for the iMac works with the router.


It is not the problem with my internet connect, because all other devices works, except for iMac.


It is not the problem with my internet card on the iMac, because I was able to connect with an airport extreme about two weeks ago via wirelessly.


It is not the hardware problem, like I said, ethernet socket, internet card, they all work.


It has nothing to do with the software update, the software is up to date, running on Mac OS X, Version 10.7.2 lion.



It has to be a software issue, something to do with the configuration of the network.



I've already looked everywhere on the apple discussions, I found similar problems, but they were either unresolved, or unrelated to my problem.  So what did I mess up on?





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Oh by the way, everything works fine, but can't connect to the internet, here is what the network diagnostics says:


    Wi-Fi is connected, green light,


    Wi-fi settings is connect, green light,


    Network settings is connect, green light,


    ISP is connected, green light


    Internet Failed, red light


    Server Failed, red light


    The exclamation mark is gone, but what gives??! I can connect to the ISP but not the internet?  All my other devices works just fine

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    hey i have the exact same problem i even called the tech support for the router in china and they were not able to resolve the problem, Somebody Please Heeellpp!!!!!!

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    Me too, sounds identical. It will occasionally connect to the internet for a few minutes, normally after a restart...but 99% of the time it connects to the wifi but not the internet

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    I had this exact issue and spent hours on the phone with apple as well as my internet provider trying to solve the issue. As far as I know, there is no solution for the issue yet but I temporarily dealt with it the issue by reinstalling OSX Lion, and not updating to 10.7.2! I am currently just running 10.7 and my internet is back to normal. Hope it helps.

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    Hi all


    Has anybody had a fix for this? I'm also on 10.7.2 and have exact same problem on my MacBook?

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    I've just tried every fix I could find on the internet, talked through all the suggestions from AppleCare on the phone, reset my router and changed the channel, all with no joy.


    I then connected my Macbook to the internet via Ethernet and had connection. I removed the ethernet cable, and now the Wi-Fi is working!


    No idea how or why this worked but it seems to have. I was having problems with a self-assigned IP address and this now seems to be resolved.

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    Hi everyone


    I have the exact same problem! My imac, operating with 10.7.2 will not connect and has the ! over wifi icon. (sadly connecting the ethernet cable and disconnecting again didn't work for me).


    My MacBook is running with os 10.6.8 and works with the router although now I can't update the operating system or I'll have the same probs with Macbook!


    So, I've spent most of this week back and forth with apple support, TP-Link and ISP. (all firmware for router completely updated) and nothing's worked.


    I have been told by an apple senior technician that the TP-LINK router is not compatible with computers operating with os10.7.2 and I need a different router.


    Just thought I should let everyone know to save you wasting loads of money on phone calls like I just did!


    take care

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    At some hotels' wi-fi or on intercity buses, all smartphones of any trade connect smoothly but My Mac did not.


    I got this from :





    The issue seems to be the set up of the router, which is filtering MAC address. Manufacturers of router usually deliver the router to customers like Megabus or other public wifi spots with the feature turned "off". The technician in charge of the router at the Megabus refused to help, he stated that his son's Mac connects without problems. Of course, he would not be motivated to turn the router filter on just for some travelers ...

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    Simple solution for this. Open up Activity Monitor to "Memory", click on "user name" so the AM sorts by user. Then start highlighting one by one (starting with anything that has http://, dot com, or safari in the name) and force quit the process. This shouldn't take long to locate the culprit. Keep your browser running and refresh it after each force quit if you need to.


    This happened to me right after I downloaded an update to a program. I couldn't find any solution online and was one step away from a complete system restore, when I took a minute to try and shut down anything running that could be blocking my internet/browser.


    Hope this helps...