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My girlfriend was on her way back to France. I was supposed to pick her up.

At 7:55 PM I received a message that she would arrive at 8 PM.

8:30, she still hadn't arrived. 9:30, still no sign of her. 10 PM she finally arrived to find me very annoyed.


Turned out she sent me what she thought was an SMS when she was still in France. Once she arrived in the Netherlands, the message was relayed to me.

At the time she sent it, she expected to arrive at 8PM, but then she hit a traffic jam.


All in all, a big fight about nothing.


Point is however that this caused me to hate iMessage. It's completely unreliable when roaming.

People are saying that it automatically detects if the sender or recipient doesn't have a data connection and switch to SMS.

That is simply NOT TRUE!. I'm in Switzerland now and just connected to a WiFi AP this morning. I immediately received 5 messages that my girlfriend sent me yesterday.


Is this a bug or is it expected behaviour?!?

If it's a bug: APPLE FIX IT NOW!!!!

If it's expected behavious: BYE BYE IMESSAGE, Welcome Back WhatsApp (at least there I know it won't arrive without data).

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    Aeneas1966 wrote:


    All in all, a big fight about nothing.



    agreed, and keep that in mind next time you start to get in a fight with her...

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    What about this:

    On my bill it says that I send a message 2 times to Great Brittain. Of course, No I didn't. Very stressed situation now... I googled about this and it turned out that when you activate facetime, a message is being send to an Apple office in Great Britain. It would be nice if this would be show up on the bill as well...

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    Andreas, in many countries it is an offence to make chargeable communications without the bill payer's consent. For example, in the UK this is covered by Section 125 of the Communications Act 2003 and Section 13 of the Theft Act 1968. I wonder whether Apple considered the implications of sending such text messages without consent. It's legally very similar to rogue diallers to premium rate numbers, which were prevalent in the days of dial-up internet, in that a chargeable communication is made without the bill payer's knowledge or consent.

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    I remember that I got a text on the screen saying something like: Activating Facetime can be charded by sms, or something like that. So I expected that I would have to pay the cost of a single sms to my phone provider. But not that this would go to GB (I live in Sweden) and that this would shown up on my bill like that.


    Googling gave me this result: it's original in Swedish and on my phone provider's site, however they didn't know about this apparantly either. This is from the forum on their site, from a complaining user:


    Translated to english with Google Translate:


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    I glanced through my cell phone bill and noted that during the period sent 3x income for England. I knew I had not done it deliberately so I started searching a bit online and found that this occurs all around the world for those who have iPhone4 and connects to FaceTime. Called Telia support and they knew nothing about this phenomenon. Now it is no great expense, a few bucks, but the principle that FaceTime does not cost anything does not seem to be. Nothing that I have seen in the advertising anyway.

    Is there anyone more than I as a victim of this and who knows more? Will it send sms to England every time you use FaceTime? If so, why?


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    To enable Face Time, so send your iPhone off an sms to Apple (United Kingdom), which contains your iPhone information and place where you and the other iPhone is.Everything that Apple needs to user data for their IADS (advertising income, etc.) ...

    So there can not be texting, you will get an error message when you try to start FaceTime .. type

    "FaceTime activation pending"

    An income = FaceTime works ... =)

    Everything can be read here ...