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Good Day all,


I was just wondering about how to update IPad software without having to download the update again.

I have a ipad 2 3g+wifi and a ipad2 wifi only.


I updated my iPad 3g+wifi a while back to ios5, I just decided to put ios5 on the iPad wifi as well,

I followed a few steps to like "alt+click on update to update from dir" browsed for the file... mission to find the library folder in Lion (cmd+shif+G to open hidden folders) I got this file (iPad2,2_5.0_9A334_Restore.ipsw) in the iPad software update folder, select it and then i get a error saying the software is not compatible.


Is this because the iPad 3g + wifi update is different from just the wifi?


also, would it work if I copy iPad2,2_5.0_9A334_Restore.ipsw and update a friends ipad2 from another computer, pc/mac?


Thanx in advance.

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    The different iPad models (iPad 1, iPad 2 wifi, iPad 2 3G GSM/sim, iPad 2 3G CDMA) have different iOS update files - so yes you need the correct update file for the different iPads.


    With the file that you've got you can let other people have copies of it so they can update their own iPad 2 3G sim card iPads. To update your own iPad you either need to download the wifi version of the update, or find somebody else with it that you can copy.