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I have attempted to burn a DVD from a Final Cut Pro X project using Compressor, however the result was silent. 


I used compressor because my FCPx project is in NTSC and my DVD is for air on Australian TV (PAL).


Image seemed to burn OK however there is no audio.  Can anyone advise what I may have overlooked?


This is the first time I have used Compressor, and I am fairly new to FCP X.




Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    You may have overlooked the Dolby Digital setting when you added the Compressor DVD settings to your batch pane.  Unless you used the batch templates there need to be two separate streams, an MPEG and an AC3 for output to an authoring app like Adobe Encore or DVD Studio Pro. Alternatively, If you don't need all the design features that are offered by these apps, try using the templates.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks Russ.  OK, I am now rendering again via Compressor 4, this time I have 2 files in one tab - 1) a MPEG-2 and 2) an AC3 file.  Seems to make sense.


    To burn the DVD immediately after, I added a 'Job Action' to 'Create DVD' after the render, and the dialog confuses me.  No problems with the 'Job Action' tab, but the "A/V Attributes" tab indicates the follwing:


    Type:  Final Cut Pro.app  (shouldn't this be a reference to the rendered file/s?)

    Video - showing the same dimensions of my FCPx Project file (NTSC  ..640 x 480)  instead of the MPEG-2 (Pal ...720 x 576).

    Audio - Properties show Linear PCM... 6 channels, etc... not the AC3 file.



    My question is, how do I create a DVD from the newly rendered files output from Compressor - is the Job Action the way to do it, and if so, how do I get it to reference the new files?




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    As an update to the previous post, in the event someone else is asking the same question...  The DVD burn was successful, despite the confusing A/V attributes panel.




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    Glad to hear it worked. (I gather it successfully produced a PAL DVD?)


    The Compressor workflow is worth getting acquainted with. When you have the time, take a very small QT clip and do some experimenting with the presets. Those presets (like DVD) are just a starting point and you have the ability to adjust them to your needs (like going from NTSC to PAL, changing fps, raising or lowering the bitrate for quality, resizing the frame size, transcoding to other codecs…and much more.


    Many of those controls are not in plain sight and it's well worth browsing the manual to get familiar  with their location and function.