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I am trying to transfer teh ownership of ipad2 on verizon network. I have never registered my ipad onto the verizon network. The new owner is trying to register the ipad and it keeps telling him that it is registered to me. According to verizon they have no information about it connected to my account. I purchased it through Bestbuy and they told me to call apple. I called apple and the customer service agent told me it was a verizon problem. I tried to explain to her that verizon told me to call apple. I also informed her of the multiple messages on this site regarding the same issue. She told me to go to an apple store. I told her the closest store is over 2 1/2 hours away. She screamed back, "Go to and apple store" and then hung up on me. I am calling back but have been on hold now for 10 minutes. Anyone ever figure out how to transfer ownership of their ipad2 on the verizon network? I have already reset the pad entirely - twice. Verizon has no record of me ever registering the device to use on their network. apple in fact has no record of me registering my device with them. i never registered it with anyone yet it is registered and cannot be transferred.

iPad 2, verizon 3G