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For over a week now I have been attmepting to establish the iCloud account for my new iPhone. However, I continue to run into problems with access. According to the Apple site, there is already an account established with MY email address (xxxxx@gmail.com) I have been able to log in to the account, but it asks for me to verify the ID, and when the email to do so is sent - it doesn't come to my email address.


The account has my last name but another first name.  I don't know why someone else would use my email address, only I have access to it. But I want to establish ONE account for me with MY email address. The assistance I have been getting via email from the (wonderful Indian) advisors online has just pushed me around in circles with no results. Can someone please offer advice? How do I get my email address on my Apple ID?


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.



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    It sounds like through a typo or cluelessness or what have you that someone else signed up for that Apple ID before you, so it "belongs" to them now.


    There would be some things they could not do with it unless they verify a different email address as primary though since obviously they don't have access to your real email account.


    But anyone can create any possible Apple ID by making up any possible ID in an email address format, whether or not it is a real email address of theirs, what matters are the verified email addresses within it at appleid.apple.com.


    You would need to pick another Apple ID though. It would be a security breach at this point to someone else if you managed to take that Apple ID from the other person regardless of their mistake.