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My carrier is AT&T.  I can receive picture messages just fine, I cannot send any. I go to take a picture, it saves to my camera roll, I go to Messages, click the choose existing option, choose my picture, hit send, and at about 99% of the bar fills up and then it just stops, and never finishes.  I also get a message error.   Anyone have any suggestions?




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    yes. I have had the same problem.  The first time this happened I couldn't receive either.  Turns out that even if you are at home on your home network you still need to have Cellular Data switched on - this is news me but maybe the iPhone needs to use 3G because the photo's it takes are such high resolution with no native way of reducing the size.


    However, I have just tried to take a couple of pic now - with cellular data on and a 3G signal and again, it gets to about 90% and stops. The the red exclaimation mark!

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    I'm having the same issue. Every once in awhile it will send a pic but about 95% of the time i get the RED ! and it doesnt send..... I called ATT and they said I had all the correct data and messaging plans and I tried to reset all my settings and network settings and it still wont send pics?!

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    I have the exact same problem, I'm in the UK and on o2. It sends the occasional photo text but most of the time it just fails. I have a contract phone so I have no idea why this is happening. Just had the ios5.1 update but it is still happening. Has no one got an answer?

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    Another problem I have, if I am sending a text and there is an incoming text at the same time, my text send fails! I text my daughter a lot and she texts back. I often have to resend texts as my outgoing hits her incoming and just fails to send!

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    I'm having the same problem.  There is one person that I have found that I can send picture text to, but no one else.  I thought it might be because she had an iPhone and the rest didn't, but I tried sending it to another friend with an iPhone and to him it didn't send.  I'd really like an answer to this, so any help would be appreciated.

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    I am having the same problem with the 4s.  It is really upsetting that the iphone 4 sent photos and now the 4s won't.  I hope Apple recalls the 4s....Not to mention Siri doesn't work outsdie the U.S.  So essentially a 4s is worse than the 4.

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    I turned the 3G on and I haven't had any problems.  Seems to help.

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    How do I turn on the 3G?  Thanks.

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    Settings >general> network> turn on 3G


    Couldn't send to non AT&T or non iPhone until I turned 3G on. Glad that was the only issue.


    My first smart phone still learning it but happy with my choice.

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    Just a note, at least from what I noticed on my phone, you have to turn 3G on BUT if you have WI-FI on set to an automatic connection (for instance at home) it will use WI-FI and not 3G which therefore would not let you send the messages. You have to turn manually, in your settings, turn off WI-FI and on 3G. Took me a while to figure it out. Smart phone...not so sure But my first too and I am happy aside from these extra steps which my non-so-smart phone didn't have.

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    I had the same problem...and now it works by resetting my network settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

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    I just got mine to work by going into Settings - General - Network - Cellular Data (turn it on). I have a Iphone 4s 16g phone and it would stop sending the picture about 95% of the way and give me he red ! next to it.